Young Hard Boy With Gigantic Muscles

Hot young bodybuilder flexing his bicepsBeefy young bodybuilder shows off his massive legs
Young budy builder shows off his rock hard ass
Benny Ryder shows off his massive legs and chestBeefy bodybuilder Beeny Ryder

There are young guys who are starting to get into building muscle (that’s all very nice) but then there’s the real thing – young guys who are proper bodybuilders – like Benny Ryder over at Geez, he looks like he’s just in his early 20s, but he’s HUGE. Just look at the size of those quads!

Needless to say I could lick this boy from his head to his toes and it would probably take a very very long time ’cause I could get distracted on so many parts of his body… There’s that line between his deltoids and his biceps/triceps… There’s his huge pecs – I could suck on those for days… There’s each ridge in his washboard abs. As I mentioned his quadraceps are just enormous. I’d beg him to squeeze me between his legs.

But of course I’d totally lose it with his dick and ass. I’d suck on his dick for hours – taking it all in until he gave me his load. Then I’d flip him over and suck on his ass until his hole puckered up and begged to get fucked. And what a fun fuck he’d be ;)

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Beefy young bodybuilder with a rock hard bubble butt
Beefy young bodybuilder strokes his cock on the couch
six pack abs and killer smileBeautiful young msucle bull

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Adorable Muscle Cub With Ripped Abs

Shot young college jock shirtlessRipped young college jock shirtlessSculpeted jocks furry pecs and abs
Hot anked jock with a beefy assShirtless jock working out in the garage
Big dicked jock with a breat chest

Every now and then we like to feature guys who are just starting out on their journey of building muscle – like Otto from – he’s well on his way – he’s taken off most of his fat weight and is starting to build muscle. His abs are already pretty incredible. His arms and pecs look pretty good – at least in certain poses. And it seems he’s paying attention to his back (an area a lot of guys neglect) – there’s some good development there too.

But that’s just his muscle development… Then there’s all the things that Otto has going for him that hours at a gym will never improve (for the guys who don’t have them)… He’s got an incredibly beautiful face and smile. He’s just fuckin’ handsome – and he looks like a nice guy. And then there’s his dick – not huge, but definitely a nice dick. Hopefully he uses it frequently to fuck other guys.

All in all Otto looks like boyfriend material to me. Some guy is going the snatch him up and they’ll fuck like bunnies and then do some nesting and build a home together. He’s just that type of guy – you can see it in his eyes. Then the question is whether he’ll become “married, fat & happy”. Happy is always good. Married isn’t a problem as long as you eventually ditch the whole monogamy thing. But I just hope he never gets fat – ’cause he’s so fucking hot with some muscle on him… ;)

If you wanna see more hot boy-next-door types who are just seeing some results from bodybuilding – check out – the guys over there are really pretty smokin’ hot. I mean as hot as Otto is, he’s actually sorta average by Frat Men standards. Bottom line – if you’re into young muscle jocks – you’ll love Frat Men!

Hot furry young jocks fat dick

oh, fuck, this piece of meat got me HARD

Hot young jock about to shoot his load

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Hot Black Bodybuilder in a Thong

Bary flexes his huge biceps
Barry strokes his huge cock

Usually I am not into thongs, but, how could I say No to this?

Muscle hunk Barry flexes his impressive chest and arms

Some guys can wear thongs and not look feminine in the least. Barry Marshall from is one of those guys. I mean he could walk down a public street in a thong and no one would even think the word “faggot” let alone dare to utter the word.

Barry is all man – the type most gay guys want to get fucked by – big, strong, steady, and powerful. He totally looks like the strong silent type who doesn’t have to tell you twice to get on your knees. Guys would worship him without question. And with an equally powerful dick – his muscles aren’t compensating for anything – he’s the real deal.

If you like huge muscular black guys with big black cocks, you’ll find a lot to like over at Muscle Hunks – check them out!

Barry teasing with his huge cock
Body builder Barry Marshall shows off his huge chest and arms
Beefy Barry Marshall shows off his beefy ass

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Hard Ripped Latino Strips And Gets Oiled

Brutus shows off his chiseled abs and pecs
Brutus Difino flexing his huge arms and chest

Shall we have some coffee and milk?

Ripped bodybuilder Brutus Difino  flexing his massive muscles

Brutus Difino from reminds me of a pit bull. In fact Brutus would be a great name for a pit bull. Brutus implies strength, but a certain brutality. But pit bulls are big sweeties when you get to know them – they’d be lap dogs if they could just fit only your lap.

And like pit bulls, Brutus is big and muscular. While he might be highly intelligent, you can’t tell it from the pictures. (My best friend is a bit like that – first impression is a big muscle guy, but as you get to know him you find out he’s actually highly intelligent and was a math major at Cornell). Anyway, Brutus has a solid, earnest demeanor. He looks like the type of guy you could depend on.

But what you’re really looking at are his big muscles and his hard cock. You want a big hunk of meat like him in bed with you. You want his arms around you as you sleep. But that’s where his demeanor comes in – he looks like boyfriend material. When he gets horny in the middle of the night and wakes you up by fucking your ass – you’re getting fucked by someone you can truly love – someone you can devote your life to – ’cause he’s a big, solid, dependable lug who’s also incredibly hot and sexy.

If you like your men big and muscly then you gotta check out the studs over at Muscle Hunks. There’s some serious muscle over there – just like you want next to you in bed every night ;)

Brutus relaxes in his underwear
Brutus shows his perfect back and buttocks
Brutus lays back stroking his cock

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Big Bad Black Stud Nails His Friend

Ripped Chase Carter fucking a hole
Morgan Mason sucking Chase's cock
Chase pounds Morgan's hot ass

If you haven’t noticed by now, unlike a lot of the muscle blogs, I cast a pretty wide net when it comes to defining “muscle”. A lot of the muscle blogs are pretty clean cut and “pretty”. But thugs often have great bodies as is amply clear in this video from

I mean just this morning this little black bodybuilder came over and had me fuck him and dump a load in his ass. I’m getting a lot of black muscle ass since moving to Harlem and I’m lovin’ it! Some of it’s pretty muscle boys, but some of it are thugs. I always find it hot to fuck a thug – you wonder if it’s out and if not whether his girlfriend or thuggy friends know he likes guys to fuck him and dump loads in his hole. :)

Anyway – this scene… The hot muscle top is Chase Carter. The little bitch boy bottom is Morgan Manson. Chase is incredible. I mean look at those muscles. And a good muscular top just fucks better – they put all those muscles to use and can really slam into an ass. And the muscles give them greater stamina… And that’s not even going into Chase’s dick… It’s one of those beautiful big black cocks that bottoms just love – and he clearly knows how to use it.

The little bitch boy is pretty typical of what I’m finding in Harlem. There are a lot of black guys who just love getting fucked and taking loads. I’m white and they love being my little slave. It’s “whatever you want daddy”… Black bitch boys just know how to please a top.

If you wanna see more hot black muscle guys who know how to fuck – check out Raw Rods – you’ll like it ;)

Ripped CHse Carter in a towel waiting for Morgan Mason to suck his cock
Ripped Chase Carter gettting his cock sucked
Chase tongue fucks Morgan's big ass

I’d love to give my ass to this pig, so I could be rimmed like that

Morgan on his knees sucking Chase's fat dick

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