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It's a good thing Finest Black Men captured Flash Brown naked on film to remind us that gorgeous huge black cock does exist. Not that anyone doubted. Makes you wonder what that monster cock measures because Flash Brown sure has one damn long black cock! And a hot ball sack to go along with it.

"Flash Brown Night Time" at Finest Black Men is a video about being home alone at night lonely and horny, but this isn't some ordinary stud jerking off by any means. Flash Brown is a handsome, sexy black hunk who has a lot of class and takes his time. Huge cock aside, if possible, his beautiful face, sensuous lips, and glistening dark skin in itself is quite a sight. After a phone with someone who obvious got his blood pumping, Flash retires to his room, jumps onto a comfortable large bed and props himself up with pillows. He strips naked, giving us a view of his hot black muscle. His chest and arms arms are very strong and really make you want to be there, and he's just warming up. Flash starts rubbing his body and then his hot cock. It grows and grows until his hands are stroking a hefty shaft of huge black cock. Thick at the base, Flash's cock stands like a monolith topped with a clearly defined shiny mushroom head. He loves to stroke it, admire it, and eventually his pace quickens and grip tightens. Flash finally shoots a load of hot black cum all over himself, after the jerk off, but it doesn't end there. He still holds his hot black cock as it very slowly relaxes. His huge hunk of meat gradually leans, then bends still stiff with his cock head full and pointing right at us. Such a tease. Finally he lays peacefully, and so does his hot black cock right across his thigh. A lot of men would love have a huge cock like Flash Brown even when he's at rest. The man is king of HOT black cock.

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