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Traveling Europe in search of beautiful sights and hot naked muscle men, Mark Wolff introduces us to a gorgeous 24 year old muscle hunk from Budapest. A former gymnast, Andrey Komar shows it in the massive muscle development of his thighs and overall beauty and masculinity of his muscular physique.

Mark Wolff has the penchant and love of capturing the essence of hot male form and eroticism. Of his latest models, Andrey Komar really caught my eye. His handsome looks stood out as much as his hard muscle body. In fact, the more I look at him, the hotter he gets. Andrey Komar is many things, first a real muscle hunk with a lot of strength and masculinity. Yet his dashing, youthful appearance gives him a romantic heroic streak, which probably sets a lot of hearts on fire.

Andrey Komar obviously does some serious bodybuilding to maintain his hot muscle physique. He isn’t a bodybuilder per se, but he’s perfect. Andrey has both a powerful upper and lower body in his genes and has done well with it. His shoulders and chest are wide, and his biceps and arms are veined and muscular. Those tight abs show how fit he is, and the huge muscle bursting from his thighs speaks for itself. All of his hot naked muscle is a lot to take in for muscle worshippers and anyone who loves good looking men period. While not shown in the pics in this post, Andrey also sports a beefy man ass that’s impressive to say the least.

Speaking of a lot to take, Andrey has a quite a huge dick. His thick cock is uncut but his big mushroom head is too much to hide. Matched with his low hanging balls, and how his big nuts fall around in his ball sack, he really has it all. Andrey’s hard cock is one thick huge dick, and Mark Wolff has plenty more to show of it!

2 thoughts on “Hot Naked Muscle Hunk Andrey Komar at Mark Wolff”

  1. Sí este fuera mi chico le penetraría todas las noches a la “Italiana” se la metería por la noche y la sacaría por la mañana.

  2. Que fantasias me producen las fotos de este guapo macho tan fuerte y viril. Imagino… El sexo de Andrey de enervaba delante de mí, grueso y fuerte como la piedra. Él me penetró con una embestida que me llenó por completo con un calor volcánico y potente que detonó dentro de mí al cabo de un instante.Yo grité mientras Andrey me embestía con fuerza y deprisa, sindiendo sus brazos aprisionándome , apretándome con fuerza. Probablemente, él nunca se habia mostrado tan bestial como en ese momento. Sentí como mi cuerpo era embestido con un vigor renovado que me llevó primero a mí y luego a él, hasta un orgasmo demoledor.

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