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Sweaty And Furry Workout


Ripped hunk stands there in his workout clothesBald stud shows off his furry abs
Furry stud stretches his big muscles
Buff guy shows off his hot body

Smooth head, furry body, hard muscles

Bald hunk shows how big his muscles are

Because we know you like Hot Naked Muscle, recommending this “work out video” at  CocksureMen.com is not a problem at all.

Joe Thunder puts on a hell of a good show that will drive your average voyeur insane. Bald up top and fur covered everywhere else, Thunder is a smoking hot slice of muscle stud pie. Spandex and Lycra freaks will be able to smell the sweat collecting around this bodybuilder’s fuzzy balls. And when he’s done pumping his arms and chest, this macho stud starts working that muscle we all want to see.

Watch as Joe Thunder pushes it to the limit at CocksureMen.com .

Bald hunk working out shirtless
Furry stud lifts some weights and shows his cock
Ripped hunk plays with his big headed dick

View the full scene on CocksureMen.com

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Tattooed Muscle Stud Doubles Our Pleasure

Vin Marco smiling in a mirrorVin Marco with a big boner in his underwear
Tattooed bodybuilder Vin Marco shows off the head of his dick
Massive bodybuilder Vin Marco with his dick and balls pulled out of his underwear and his ass showing in the mirror behind him

One more time Manifest Men brings us another photo-shoot filled with the hottest muscles out there, and this time it’s our chance to ogle Vin Marco’s tattooed body.

And what a body he has. Those arms, those pecs, those abs… I could go on but if you’ve seen Vin’s body you get my point. Watching him flex with that sexy and confident look on his eyes is just too hot! And they were nice enough to shoot him with a mirror to double or viewing pleasure! Everything about this man is big. Everything. If you can’t get enough of his biceps your jaw will hit the floor when you take a look at his cock, and keep looking! It gets bigger after he plays with it.

Vin is just but a taste of what awaits in ManifestMen.com, check the entire gallery and more!

Vin Marco naked and flexing his musclesVin Marco, naked, looking intently into a mirror

Bald and smooth, pure ripped goodness

Big tattooed bodybuilder with a hard cock and a shaved head

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Vin Marco, A Naked Stud Under The Sun

Hot inked bodybuilder VIn Marco shirtless outsideVin shirtless outside in the desertultra ripped bald stud under the desert sun

The desert is hot, but Vin is way hotter

Vin beefy muscled ass and legsVin takes a whiff of his pit while stroking his cock
Vin strokes his cock outside

Muscle porn is just qualitatively different than most porn. It’s not really about fucking and sucking. It’s about worshiping a perfect body.

Case and point Vin Marco from Manifest Men. He’s got an incredible body, but it’s not an intense sexual energy. It’s sexual, but not about hardcore sex. It’s not like I want to fuck him or get fucked by him. I mean his ass is pretty incredible and it would be really hot to get my load deep inside him, but that’s not the first thing I think of when I see his pics. What I see is a perfect body that I want to run my hands all over. I want him in bed next to me – cuddling with me. It’s about muscle, it’s about feeling muscle. It’s about being close to muscle. It’s about experiencing muscle.

Muscle became popular as a fetish during the AIDS crisis. Back then it was all about looking healthy and strong. And a focus on something other than hardcore sex was “useful”. Now that HIV isn’t the killer it once was porn is less about muscle these days. But it doesn’t mean muscle isn’t a beautiful thing to behold, and be next to, and touch… I mean imagine sucking on Vin’s nipple. His pecs are so big, so powerful, it’s not like sucking the nipple of a regular guy or even a jock.

Bottom line, incredible bodies are incredible and deserve to be worshiped. Start your muscle worship today over at ManifestMen.com – they understand the beauty and allure of a big muscular hunk

Vin naked outside in the desertNaked Vin Marco out in the desert sun
might muscular stud
blad body builder twitching his mipple

Trustworthiness of siteFor the best in muscle men, check out ManifestMen.com

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Zeus Is A Black Muscle God

zeus strikes a pose in the woodszeus poses on the beach for the camera

Mmm, Daddy, Can I have a Chocolate Injection?

dont you wanna zeus to hit that?!
Shirtless bodybuilder ZeusZeus' massive pecs and chest

These mothah fuckahs really know how to get my blood boiling! When Finest Black Men say they got THE finest black men, they ain’t bull shitting around! Now, when it comes to black men, I am very picky. To date, I have formed a list of my favorite men of mocha goodness that I love to watch regularly. Topping this list and maybe one day soon, me is Zeus.

Zeus is one of those amazing black muscle men that makes my cock rock hard and my butt hole quiver and twitch to being completely open and ready for cock! I know this fucker would tease my hole and make me beg for a piston fuck like nothing I’ve ever had before. I gotta figure out how to get his number! Flop out your cock and whack along with me!

Hot beefy bodybuilder ZeusBeefy bodybuilder Zeus shirtless
Inked bodybuilder ZeusBeefy Black bodybuilder shirtless in ripped jeans Shirtless beefy bodybuilder in the grass

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Muscular Brazilian Stud Is Fucked By Beefy White Man

Collin and Roderigo naked on the couch together
Collin and Roderigo stroke together on the couch
Collin works the head of Roderigo's fat cock

You have to give it to Collin O’Neal and his World Of Men. Here is a guy who has literally traveled all over the planet to find the hottest men to fuck and/or record fucking for our enjoyment. I would say he is one of the guys in the industry who really gets it and knows what the fans are looking for and WANT to see in their smut. Sure, others deliver hot shit to shoot loads to but it can be a bit tiring after a while when all you wanna see is two guys who look like “you” doin it.

Collin and his sexy mocha friend Rodrigo Beckmann really heat up the screen in a way that reminds me of the hot dude from the hood that use to come over to my place after school and fuck my lights out. If i didn’t know any better, I’d say this is him but he’s been in prison for years and ain’t gettin out any time soon. This big dark Brazilian fucker know loves to take cock up his poop-shoot and he is not faking it at all! Feel free to spread your cheeks along with the boys NOW!

Collin ready to pound Roderigo's ass
Beefy furry Collin O'Neal ready to fuck a hot black ass
Collin feeds his cock to Roderigo

Watch Video

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