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Sexy Angel Rock has all the right moves on seduction. He certainly earns his name with that charming and almost innocent face, until he turns with a penetrating gaze that could knock anyone down. Yeah, oh so heavenly devilish.

Then there’s his outstanding hot black male physique that bodybuilders have to envy about this muscle hunk at Finest Black Men. Black bodybuilders like Angel often gather a dedicated following of fans seriously into black muscle worship, which isn’t surprising. While most bodybuilders work on a deep tan or use coloring, nothing matches natural hot black muscle of black bodybuilders. It’s obvious Angel Rock works out hard and intelligently to sculpt such a well balanced musculature, as his thighs flare out as much as his upper body. His strong arms and gorgeous veins show he’s all lean hard muscle not to mention his scrumptious firm hot black ass.

Take a good look at his eyes and how intensely sexual they are, how they’re still rolled back even after his hot, thick, creamy load of black cum was shot. Maybe he’s ready for another round? Ah, you’ve read of too many models who supposedly have “thick, creamy” muscle cum and don’t? Angel Rock’s measurably thick hot black cum is for you. It’s real.