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Muscle Jocks Catch And Pitch

Landon feels Jimmy's smooth muscled chestHot young jocks wearing jockstraps
Ripped smooth young jocks Jimmy Coxx and Landon Mycles

I wanna play with those balls!

Landon and Jimmy outside playing catch

As much as we love Cocksure Men, we have a HUGE bone to pick with them and not in a good way. Ok, so we understand how contracts work and agreements are made, but for cryin out loud… couldn’t you let Landon keep his name!? I mean really… goin by Marcus Mojo now after being Landon Mycles for so long, its dopey. And you Mr. Mycles/Mojo… good on you having a chick and doin boys too! A man after my own heart!

In this scorcher, Landon and Jimmy Coxxx are playing catch in the hot Southern California sun. After working up quite a sweat that is surely running down the cracks of their asses and soakin their nuts, they head indoors to heat up the bedroom. Landon’s cock sucking skills is quite impressive! He deep throats Jimmy’s dick like it was made for his mouth. Jimmy returns the service and swallows as much of Landon as he can handle. The fucking is intense and worth watching over and over. Click here to sweat with these hotties NOW!

Jimmy and Landon suck each others cocks
Landon Mycles getting his ass plowed by Jimmy Coxx
Landon Mycles shoots a huge load

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Muscular Studs Fucking By The Pool

Dean Monroe, Devin Draz, and John Magnum in briefs with hard ons
Dean and Devin kiss while John sucks Devin's cock

I don’t want to skip geometry anymore

Three hot muscle boys sucking each others cocks

If I were Dan Monroe and I got fucked by John Magnum and Devin Draz I would tell the powers that be at Cocksure Men to let us do it again for my own personal library! Who the fuck over there got the bright idea to put these three hot and legendary MEN of porn in the same room together and the presence of mind to film what happens?! We want to know so we can suck your fucking cock! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

It is true that these three guys are indeed porn legend IN their prime. The story goes like this… Dean Monroe makes his way across this pond to the ranch where he meets up with Devin and John for a three-way. They start off by getting into a cock sucking triangle where everyone gets some head. I won’t spoil the entire scene, but Dean is the first to get bend over and gets stuffed by…. you’re just gonna have to click here to see who fucks Dean first!

Dean and John getting their cocks serviced by Devin DrazDevin gets his ass fucked deep by Dean
John inserts his cock into Devin's ass while he fucks Dean
John and Davin shoot their nut on Dean's face
Dean Monroe's face covered in hot cum

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Matthew Rush Jerking Off A Hot Load

the hot naked muscle of Matthew Rush

hot thick cock head of bodybuilder Matthew Rush

tattooed muscle hunk Matthew Rush jerking off his thick cock

Matthew Rush jerking off a hot load of man cum

hot load of man cum from tattooed bodybuilder Matthew Rush

Matthew Rush is well known as one of the sexiest, most approachable muscle hunks on the web, and Hot Naked Muscle is pleased to show off this handsome bodybuilder every chance possible. In this Mark Wolff shoot, Matthew is hot and bothered and needs to get off. Stretched out totally naked across a comfortable lounge chair, Matthew gives us a fine view of his strong, smooth muscle while indulging himself with with a good jack off. Unlike some overly decorated bodybuilders, Mathew’s tattoos and pierced nip are just enough to enhance his defined smooth muscle. It’s hot to see his facial expressions while this hunky bodybuilder is jerking off his thick cock. Wish I was there to help, especially when that thick cock head shoots a hot load of man cum. His leg and fingers splattered with cum, he then relaxes smiling back at us. Figures. Matthew is the sweetest tease of all bodybuilders.

Hot Black Muscle Cum

hot black muscle hunk Angel Rock

hot black ass of Angel Rock

Angel Rock wearing hot black muscle thong

hot black muscle flexing by Angel Rock

hot black muscle posing of Angel Rock

hot black cum shot by Angel Rock

Sexy Angel Rock has all the right moves on seduction. He certainly earns his name with that charming and almost innocent face, until he turns with a penetrating gaze that could knock anyone down. Yeah, oh so heavenly devilish.

Then there’s his outstanding hot black male physique that bodybuilders have to envy about this muscle hunk at Finest Black Men. Black bodybuilders like Angel often gather a dedicated following of fans seriously into black muscle worship, which isn’t surprising. While most bodybuilders work on a deep tan or use coloring, nothing matches natural hot black muscle of black bodybuilders. It’s obvious Angel Rock works out hard and intelligently to sculpt such a well balanced musculature, as his thighs flare out as much as his upper body. His strong arms and gorgeous veins show he’s all lean hard muscle not to mention his scrumptious firm hot black ass.

Take a good look at his eyes and how intensely sexual they are, how they’re still rolled back even after his hot, thick, creamy load of black cum was shot. Maybe he’s ready for another round? Ah, you’ve read of too many models who supposedly have “thick, creamy” muscle cum and don’t? Angel Rock’s measurably thick hot black cum is for you. It’s real.