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Blond Ripped Hunk Fucks Boy


Young Jake Steel admires Bo Dean's chestJake gets a feel of Bo's muscled ass
Jake Steel sucking Bo Dean's dickJake Steel licking Bo's muscled chest
Inked Bo Dean working the head of Jake' dick

Jake Steel is the lucky little fucker at  JakeCruise.com this week.

There can be no denying how smart, smooth cock hound Jake Steel is. He does not waste his time with skinny little twinks who don’t know their dicks from a door. Instead he focuses his attention, and his mouth on tattoo covered, Muscle daddy, Bo Dean, and trust me, Bo Knows how to bust in a boy’s ass. Watching the hot sucking and fucking these two get up to will have you mopping up your own load in minutes.

There is only one place to look for the most serious intergenerational fuck site in town- JakeCruise.com is where every good boy gets what he deserves.

Bo Dean laying back getting head
Inked Bo fucking young Jake SteelBo busts his nut on Jake's smooth abs

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Vin Marco, A Naked Stud Under The Sun

Hot inked bodybuilder VIn Marco shirtless outsideVin shirtless outside in the desertultra ripped bald stud under the desert sun

The desert is hot, but Vin is way hotter

Vin beefy muscled ass and legsVin takes a whiff of his pit while stroking his cock
Vin strokes his cock outside

Muscle porn is just qualitatively different than most porn. It’s not really about fucking and sucking. It’s about worshiping a perfect body.

Case and point Vin Marco from Manifest Men. He’s got an incredible body, but it’s not an intense sexual energy. It’s sexual, but not about hardcore sex. It’s not like I want to fuck him or get fucked by him. I mean his ass is pretty incredible and it would be really hot to get my load deep inside him, but that’s not the first thing I think of when I see his pics. What I see is a perfect body that I want to run my hands all over. I want him in bed next to me – cuddling with me. It’s about muscle, it’s about feeling muscle. It’s about being close to muscle. It’s about experiencing muscle.

Muscle became popular as a fetish during the AIDS crisis. Back then it was all about looking healthy and strong. And a focus on something other than hardcore sex was “useful”. Now that HIV isn’t the killer it once was porn is less about muscle these days. But it doesn’t mean muscle isn’t a beautiful thing to behold, and be next to, and touch… I mean imagine sucking on Vin’s nipple. His pecs are so big, so powerful, it’s not like sucking the nipple of a regular guy or even a jock.

Bottom line, incredible bodies are incredible and deserve to be worshiped. Start your muscle worship today over at ManifestMen.com – they understand the beauty and allure of a big muscular hunk

Vin naked outside in the desertNaked Vin Marco out in the desert sun
might muscular stud
blad body builder twitching his mipple

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Zeb Atlas Nails Blond Boy At The Gym

Brady Jensen and Zeb Atlas in the gym
Muslce boys Brady Jenson and Zeb Atlas
Suited Brady Jenson checking out Zeb's rock hard absZeb feeds his hard cock to Brady Jensen

If there were ever any “internet” porn stars, Zeb Atlas certainly is one. And now,  Cocksure Men is in our opinion creating an entire stable of web based skin flicks STARS! From scene to scene, this studio loads you up with some of the hottest men to grace the computer screen. So now you have your work, music, movies and THE best porn with you everywhere you go. Modern technology at its finest!

We found this little ditty staring Zeb Atlas and Brady Jensen in our inbox this morning. The scenario goes like this. Zeb is working out in a gym when a salesman played by Brady Jensen comes on over. Brady’s company is looking for a model to promote their product. They can’t pay much but with one look at Brady, Zeb decides he will take payment in the form of a fuck! Ripping the shirt right off Brady’s back, Zeb takes out his testosterone infused aggression on his new gym apparatus… Brady’s hole!  This one is worth every stroke. Log on here and get ready to shoot all over your keyboard.

Young jock Brady Jensen and big muscle boy Zeb AtlasBrady getting his hard cock sucked by Zeb Atlas
Brady sitting on Zeb's hard cock
Muscle stud Zeb Atlas fucking Brady Jensen on a ball in the gym

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Ass Pounding Cocksure Men Bo Dean & David Dakota

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A stroll along a trail outdoors becomes a perfect place for two sexy hunks to enjoy the scenery and ultimately themselves in “Garden Fuck with Bo Dean & David Dakota” at Cocksure Men. Bo and David are the kind of hot naked hunks I’d like to meet on a walk in the woods! Both are fit, handsome muscular men, and Bo has particularly ripped muscles. His full sleeve tattoo is also very cool, as are all of his hot tattoos. What they both have in common is a hard cock waiting to be satisfied.

That’s pretty clear with Bo Armstrong’s thick cock poking from his underwear. This gets David rock hard and down licking Bo’s hot cock and balls. Soon David’s into some serious cock sucking on Bo’s stiff rod, and ass rimming Bo into ecstasy. By this time, Bo wants a piece of some hard dick for himself and does his share of cock sucking David. However, Bo Dean is renowned for his love of fucking, and David Dakota is happy to offer his hot male ass for both of their pleasure. When Bo rests back on a wall, David sits on his lap and rides Bo’s thick cock. The ass pounding quickens as the two hot hunks get into a hardcore fucking frenzy. It’s quite a sight watching David hanging off of the edge of the wall while Bo is heavy into ass pounding him away. The intense fuck makes David shoot on his own abs. Then Bo gets off by spewing shots of his hot cum all over lucky David.

Muscle Hunk With Thick Long Dick at Dirty Tony

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Dirty Tony gives us a look at “Carson at Home,” a hot muscle hunk with a huge cock who knows just what to do with it. Carson is fit, ripped, with a well defined upper body of smooth muscle. The curve of his pecs is so perfect, topped with a suck-able pierced nipple, and a hot full sleeve tattoo. Carson is a man who knows how to keep in shape, stay trim and still maintain a muscular physique that’s strong yet not overdone. The same with his tattoo and pierced tit. He’s just right in every way, masculine and extremely sensuous in his play.

You can tell he loves stroking his hot monster tool. Some guys have a big cock but don’t have a clue what it’s for. Carson can’t keep his hands off himself even with before his bathing suit comes off. This muscle hunk erotically strokes and squeezes his cock and balls to show his thick long dick bulging under his shorts. After this foreplay, he whips his hard cock out and strokes and pulls his fat dick to milk it good. Makes you wonder how many times he jerks off a day. Or how many times that huge cock of his was yanked in his lifetime so far to develop his expertise. So hot to watch this slow sexy tease!