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Red Head Hunks Paul Wagner & James Jamesson

James Jameson & Paul Wagner

Hot Hunks Paul Wagner & James Jamesson

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When Next Door Buddies sent us this fresh update just last night, Hot Naked Muscle had to follow up our last post on the increasing popularity of James Jamesson. Everyone loves this fit, firm, tightly packed muscled red head. This time his fiery red pubes really stand out against a now hot smooth upper body. In "Shower & Sex," Next Door Buddies pairs James with the very seductive and gorgeous hunk Paul Wagner. If Paul's strong furry body isn't enough, one look at his face and eyes shows how intensely masculine and sexual he is. What's more, what a hot pair of red head hunks!

In this scene, James Jamesson seduces yet another roommate. Returning home from a workout together at the gym, Paul Wagner showers while James is too horny and jerks off his dick. Paul walks in on James wacking off, and nature takes it's course. While Paul has one hot hard cock himself, it seems like James's renowned thick dick has a power all its own. Guys crave it, and so does Paul, who loves swallowing James' thick cock and getting a hot ass fuck. The ginger men suck and fuck until they've finished what becomes a second workout, naked and covered in cum.

James Jamesson Tops Parker London At Next Door Buddies

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Next Door Buddies chose one of the sexist ginger men around to dominate muscle hunk Parker London. James Jamesson is slender and super fit yet muscular with tight abs to prove it, all covered with his foxy red hair and pubes. In “Late Rent,” James shacks up with Parker, who still owes his half of last month’s rent. To pay back his roommate for covering his share, Parker London agrees to work it out, and James Jamesson makes sure he does with no delay – right then and there. James becomes an aggressive top who has does as he wishes with Parker, who beings with worshipping James’s tempting thick cock. That’s one huge shaft and cock head to take but James feeds his roommate’s mouth and muscle ass. Click any pic or link in this post to see how good a cocksucker Parker London is, and how he takes the hardcore fuck James Jameson gives him. There’s lots of dirty talk as James dominates his roommate. Parker more than happily submits and moans for more even as he’s pushed to the edge taking James’ huge thick cock rammed up his ass.