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Tanned, Ripped Bodybuilder Goes To The Gym

Sexy muscle stud Timmy Riordan shows off his body on the roofTimmy Riordan in black underwear
Sexy muscle stud Timmy Riordan shows off his body on the roof

If all gym instructors were like him, I’d work out much more

Arm curls in the gym with Timmy Riordan

Hot Latin muscle will never go out of fashion and the boys over at Power Men know how to find some seriously hot Latin boys to show it off for the camera. There is something that gets my juices flowing when I see a fat uncut cock dripping pre-cum from the hood. It’s like an invitation to suckle and feed on a magic serum that will turn you into an Adonis your self. Lord knows I would do just that in a heart beat!

Timmy Riordan doesn’t come with much of a bio, but from what we can tell, he’s got the goods when it comes to sex appeal, big muscle and juicy goodness between his legs… front an back. I honestly don’t know what I would like to see more, him sucking cock, riding cock or fucking an equally hot muscled booty. Lets hope that next time we see Timmy, we’ll see him in action. In the meantime, get your fill of this stud here.

Timmy strokes his cock in his underwear
Muscle man Timmy Riordan naked with a hard cock
tTmmy posing in his Tommys

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Zeb Atlas Nails Blond Boy At The Gym

Brady Jensen and Zeb Atlas in the gym
Muslce boys Brady Jenson and Zeb Atlas
Suited Brady Jenson checking out Zeb's rock hard absZeb feeds his hard cock to Brady Jensen

If there were ever any “internet” porn stars, Zeb Atlas certainly is one. And now,  Cocksure Men is in our opinion creating an entire stable of web based skin flicks STARS! From scene to scene, this studio loads you up with some of the hottest men to grace the computer screen. So now you have your work, music, movies and THE best porn with you everywhere you go. Modern technology at its finest!

We found this little ditty staring Zeb Atlas and Brady Jensen in our inbox this morning. The scenario goes like this. Zeb is working out in a gym when a salesman played by Brady Jensen comes on over. Brady’s company is looking for a model to promote their product. They can’t pay much but with one look at Brady, Zeb decides he will take payment in the form of a fuck! Ripping the shirt right off Brady’s back, Zeb takes out his testosterone infused aggression on his new gym apparatus… Brady’s hole!  This one is worth every stroke. Log on here and get ready to shoot all over your keyboard.

Young jock Brady Jensen and big muscle boy Zeb AtlasBrady getting his hard cock sucked by Zeb Atlas
Brady sitting on Zeb's hard cock
Muscle stud Zeb Atlas fucking Brady Jensen on a ball in the gym

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Bodybuilders Wrestle And Jerk Off Together

muscle hunks posing for the camera
Two hot young bodybuilders stroke thier dicks
shooting loads in the gym after a workout

Where is it written that if you are a Muscle Hunk, “meat heat”, “iron pusher”, “sweat beast”, you should adorn a florescent colored thong that will undoubtedly leave you with that god aweful tan line that makes us all cringe and say “Dude… really”? I can’t help but wonder why these garments outside of being the standard in gogo boy gear, continues to be shown in porn. I mean, its 2011, not 1977. If I had one wish, I would wish for costume and production people to NEVER dress a hot man in a thong again.

Ok, rant over. Let us now turn to the hot mess that is these two strapping specimens. The wrestling which looks a lot more like a frolic will fulfill everything that fantasy for those of us that are turned on by watching it. Fans of UFC fighting will find their cocks boned up watching these studs on the mat. The only missing element… they don’t fuck each other.  MI’d log on just to watch them and their insanely hot bodies!

thick creamy latin load on the bench press.
Huge muscle boys wrestling
Big muscled jocks wrestling

Watch Video

Watch Video

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Black Bodybuilder Works Out For Our Pleasure

Naked black bodybuilder  Alan Demond works on his arms and shows his assRipped bodybuilder Alan Demond working out naked
Alan Demond working on his back naked
Sexy black bodybuilder lying down after a hard workoutRipped muscular body of black bodybuilder Alan Demond

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African American bodybuilder Alan Demon naked and working out
Black body builder pumping iron nakedSmooth ripped  bodybuilder Alan Demond bench pressing named in the gym

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Muscle Jocks at Randy Blue: Hot Red Head Max London

hot red head muscle jock

smooth muscle and man nips

hot naked muscle and man ass

hard muscle jock flexing

hot naked muscle jock flexing hard muscle

hot naked muscle and hard cock with red pubes

hard cock and smooth muscle jock

hot red head muscle jock with hard cock

Randy Blue is full of hot muscle jocks of all kinds, and now one of the hottest red head men around, Max London. First, you have to admit that Max is one extremely good looking man sitting there with his sweaty tank top on, showing off his strong arms and shoulders, looking at the camera with his clear blue eyes and his honest, sweet smile.

There’s no question Max works out just from looking at his defined hot muscle. Randy Blue appropriately filmed him in the gym where we get to see Max actually pumping muscle. He eventually gets so horny from working out that he can’t keep his hands off playing with his cock and jerking off. But the tease starts as we watch this buff muscle jock doing his arm curls and sit ups while he sweats, and he does the job with confidence and good form, too. No wonder his whole body is hard muscle, and I do mean all of him.

Max London may be in the muscle jocks category and not a big bodybuilder, but he might as well be. There’s delineation between the front, center and back shoulder muscles, gorgeous chest muscles (and sweet pink man nips!), ripped abs, and strong thighs. Max London is just as a muscle jock dream all around, his wide back showing big muscle development, right above his firm man ass. He’s all hot smooth muscle, except his fiery red pubes, which definitely hot in their own right! Max London proves why the ancient Greeks venerated the nude, athletic, fit, muscular male physique. Hot naked muscle is like a work of art. Yup, he even has a nicely shaped hard cock to go with it that takes a good, serious jacking. In fact, he works himself into a pretty darn vigorous jerk off until his hard cock explodes with cum!