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Men At Play: Hot Office Sex In “Boardroom Rendezvous”

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Men at Play states there was no script and no cuts made in “Boardroom Rendevouz,” that Bruno Knight and Rob Nelson created their own hot office sex as they desired. It doesn’t always work like this in videos, but Hot Naked Muscle strives for the the most natural hot male sex to be found. These two handsome hunks from Men at Play are a good example. Both hot hunks work well together, and while their man sex in the office is a fantasy, it is still strongly felt and real.

One giveaway is their spontaneous kissing. Bruno Knight is very upfront and passionate, and loves to use his tongue every chance he gets. That includes the two men kissing, or if Bruno is lapping up Rob’s firm, hot male ass. He gets right in there, running his tongue above Nelson’s well hung balls, then right over his hole and up his back. The heaviest rimming is when Rob Nelson laying with his back and legs up on the boardroom desk. Both hot hunks do their share of cock sucking in the video, but its after Bruno’s rimming tease when Rob Nelson shows just how well hung and hard his big uncut cock is.

Wearing only his dress socks and shoes throughout most of the video, Rob shows off all of his hot naked muscle while Bruno plays in his suit and tie. The combination is a highly erotic part of office sex and Men At Play. At this point, Bruno finally starts stripping off his suit and and tie to reveal his hairy chest and body. Actually both are muscular and hairy men, except Rob Nelson is finely trimmed. Hot, bothered and sweaty from the start, the two hairy hunks are now far past introductions and their passion for each other is clear. Earlier in the “Boardroom Rendezvous,” Rob gets fucked leaning against the desk. This time Bruno fucks deeper and smiles as he closely watches the Rob’s ecstatic reaction. The connection is quite intense and ultimately leads to both hot hunks jerking off their loads.

Fucking Hairy Ass – Steve Cruz & Dak Ramsey at HairyBoyz

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Steve Cruz and Dak Ramsey at HairyBoyz don’t mind switching roles to make sure both get a chance to stuff and be stuffed with each others’ hard cock. Dak Ramsey laps up every inch of Steve’s shaft and fat cock head like a wet popsicle on a hot sweltering summer day. Steve Cruise wants some hot cock sucking, too, and goes farther by swallowing all of Dak’s cock down his throat. The two hairy hunks sporting hot tattoos have a voracious appetite for sex. Each gets an opportunity to pound his hairy ass on the other’s thick cock, and the ass fucking is vigorous, as are the moans, dirty talk and facial reactions. Dak Ramsey probably gets off as much from looking up at Steve’s hairy chest and abs while having his cock pounced on. That hairy chest fur also makes a nice place to shoot loads of cum, too!

Hairy Hunks Office Fuck at Men At Play

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You never know what’s happening behind closed doors – not even at work. Junior Stellano and Dillon Buck in “Office Junior” at Men At Play certainly prove this in every steamy detail of their intense sexual passion for each other that begins, of all places, in an office restroom. Men At Play is the indisputable king of suit and tie sex, and each of these sexy men is dressed sharp and handsome in his suit and tie. But underneath, these two hot hairy hunks are too sex crazed to pass up an opportunity when it’s so close, like Dillon teasing Junior Stellano while facing the urinal with his thick hard dick popping out his pants. And it works. Junior starts stroking Dillon Buck and playing with his big cock and balls, and is soon on his knees swallowing all of Dillon’s thick cock down his throat. Hey, look at the pic above, and that’s nothing compared to the video, which is full of serious cock sucking including sixty nine!

With no time to waste, they move to an office where things heat up even more. The two kissing men are all over each other and suddenly buttons fly when Dillon literally rips open Junior’s dress shirt to expose his super hot muscular hairy chest. Folks, that shirt ripping is one of the hottest, sexiest moments in the movie – and there’s lots more. The reaction of Junior is so real that you can watch him slide right into ecstasy. Dillon Buck is all over that gorgeous hairy chest and then uses a tie to bind Junior’s hands behind himself. Now down again on goes Junior on Dillon’s thick hard cock. The two hairy hunks get naked and Junior takes his place laying across a desk, yearning to be fucked. They sixty nine each other, and then Dillon drives his tongue up Junior Stellano with a good ass rimming. Slowly Dillon feeds his hard cock deep into Junior’s hairy ass to give him a long hard fuck. Who wouldn’t want Dillon’s meaty thick cock, and who wouldn’t want a tattooed muscle hunk as sexy and sweet as Junior Stellano in the first place!

Colt Men Adam Champ and Danny Drake

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In Scene 1 of “Gruff Stuff” at Colt Studio Group, smooth muscle stud Danny Drake becomes aroused while lusting over photos of hairy hunks and muscle men in his Colt 40 book. When he finds the legendary Adam Champ among the pages, Danny shuts his eyes and fantasizes about actually having the hairy muscle man to himself. The good part is it’s not just a dream for us. We get to see every detail of Danny’s wish fulfilled, and it’s full of hot man sex.

Danny has very good taste. Adam Champ is the definitive “man’s man,” one of those masculine, tall dark and HAIRY hunks many folks crave. Lots of guys have a hairy chest, but Adam’s is thick dark forest of fur, also on his hot forearms and legs. That literally on top of seriously hard big muscle has amassed quite a following for Adam Champ among Colt fans. Danny Drake complements Adam nicely. Handsome muscle hunk Danny has sexy blue eyes, light brown hair, completely shaved smooth muscle for his hot pecs, and strong hard muscles himself. The two are a gorgeous, masculine couple.

Adam Champ lavishes Danny with affection and lots of licking and cock sucking, getting Danny nice and hard and groaning with pleasure. Of course, this is all making Adam’s thick uncut cock grow super stiff, as Adam has one hand working on his hard dick all at the same time. It’s clear Adam needs a some good ass fucking as he lowers his round hot ass onto Adam’s juicy, uncut hard cock. And there it goes, a hardcore fucking spree, Danny Drake fucked bent across the couch, and then sitting on Adam Champ and riding his thick cock all the way. The scene ends with the both intensely jerking off together until each spews his hot man cum.