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Mens Locker Room Sex Orgy at Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks knows just what mens locker room sex is about when they put Ari Silvio, Drew Cutler and Tristan Jaxx together for a hot threesome. After a party celebrating the winning season, two of the best players on the football team are left with Ari, the assistant coach, who has his own way of congratulating the guys. Left alone in the mens locker room, the hot jocks get very affectionate, with hugs leading to kisses and eventually all three men kissing each other together. Both players have massively huge dicks that do not go unnoticed. Ari gets right down and starts licking and cock sucking while the two hot jocks are still kissing, and tackles the two huge cocks at once. An enthusiastic hungry bottom, Ari loves hard cock in in his mouth and and up his man ass in every possible combination. However, there’s no way Drew and Tristan Jaxx are passing up cock sucking each other’s huge dicks either. So the three hot jocks are constantly going after each others’ thick cocks through this whole mens locker room sex orgy.

There’s a lot of fucking in this hot threesome, with Tristan Jaxx hard fucking Ari he is furiously cock sucking Drew. Then they switch so Drew gets to shove his huge cock up Ari’s hot ass while Tristan is having the blow job of his life. Drew gets on the floor and Art sits right on top him, riding Drew for the best hard fuck he can. Meanwhile Drew’s mouth is busy swallowing Tristan’s huge cock while his own is thrust up Ari’s well used hot man ass. They’re very good at sharing, since Ari gets to do some more cock sucking Tristan Jaxx while just as serious at taking the hard fuck Drew is giving him. What’s best about this fantasy is that it’s very realistic. Mens locker room sex is like this. Think not? I’ve seen it myself for real. These hot jocks are also very talented for real and obviously work well together from mouth to cock to ass. It’s an intense, hot threesome.

Men At Play: Harry Louis’ 10 Inch Cock Fucks The Boss

Men At Play: Harry Louis and Christian Alexander

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That’s right. At only 23 years old, handsome Brazilian hunk Harry Louis sports a mean 10 inch cock. In “Harry’s Appraisal” at Men at Play, even his boss notices Harry’s huge cock underneath his pants. Christian Alexander should know, having a monster cock himself. Unable to take his mind off of the big lump in this young man’s trousers, Christian remarks on the size Harry’s endowment. This only makes Harry Louis’ huge cock harder. And his boss is more than happy to reach in and jerk off Harry’s ass splitting dick so it can grow to it’s full potential. With Harry’s 10 inch cock in hand, Christian Alexander gets down to swallow as much of Harry’s big dick as possible. So far in his “appraisal,” Harry Louis is definitely impressing the boss, who proves it in his equally enthusiastic cock sucking skills.

Harry Louis enjoys having his huge dick sucked but says it isn’t going make him shoot his load. That’s all Christian Alexander needs to hear, and he’s set and ready for a good ass fuck by Harry’s thick 10 inch cock. Lucky for both, Harry Louis is as talented at giving a hard fuck as his boss is at taking a huge cock up his hungry male ass. A real tease, Harry pulls out of Christian’s dick craving hole then rams his 10 inch cock back in repeatedly. After fucking his boss silly, Harry takes his dick out and sends a huge load of cum flying in the air so far it actually hits the lense of the camera filming the video!

Muscle Jocks Foursome at Dink Flamingo Active Duty

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Alpha Tango 3 casts young hunks Cash, Kasey, DJ and Nash in a hot foursome at Active Duty. After a swim together in a luxurious exotic pool, the four young muscle hunks continue their play indoors – in one bed. That’s where smooth muscle, hard cock and hot male ass swap and trade for a good suck and fuck and then again! The guys are a hot mix of types from dark blond and freckles to black hair and olive skin, from some hair to a completely smooth chest, and all trim, cut, defined muscle jocks. And really eager cock suckers to start. With too much hot ass to pass up a some rimming, their probing tongues and fingers prepare for a good hard fuck. With plenty of hard cock to go around, these muscle jocks get into some deep ass fucking. The hot part of a foursome is getting a hard fuck once over and then again by another hot hunk all set and ready to pound away. Or on the other hand, the fun of sharing a hot male ass with your friend. The scene gets pretty hot and intense just watching four muscle jocks going at it, as if you’re in the middle of it just waiting for your turn!

Muscle Jocks Hard Fuck at Randy Blue: Brock Traynor & Cayden Ross

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Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross at Randy Blue are both muscle jocks with massive, strong arms and bodies, and whose attraction to each other is magnetic. Cayden is exotic with his tattoos and dark features, and quite an aggressive bottom if there ever was one. He can’t keep his hands or mouth from Brock Traynor, kissing and sucking Brock from his neck down to his nipples and stomach, and back up with the two muscle men kissing again. Brock not only meets the challenge but indulges himself fully in this opportunity. That leads to some deep throat cock sucking with Cayden Ross going right down until his mouth presses against the pubes at the base of Brock’s hard cock!

Still following his insatiable appetite for Brock, Cayden begs to be given a good hard fuck. He’s extremely verbal through the whole scene, insisting to give it to him harder and moaning about how hot it feels to have Brock’s big cock rammed deep inside his man ass.. Brock gets off on this and gives Cayden the hard fuck of his dreams in every position: doggie style, Cayden on his back, and then Brock laying down with Cayden riding Brock’s huge dick. It’s quite a sight to watch this pair of hot muscle jocks with their bulging biceps and strong bodies banging away together. These muscular men like an intense hard fuck to get off, and they sure do when Brock sends his load of hot cum all over Cayden’s ripped abs!

Giving The Boss A Hard Fuck

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Hairy hunk Bruno Bond doesn’t have to do any bribing to get what he wants. In Scene 4 of Port of Entry at Rear Stable, the boss gets his wishes first off with a hard cock stuffed down his wide open mouth. But David Taylor is the one who’s really in charge. Pushed to his knees, Bruno devours his David’s thick cock and balls like a starving dog. After some of Bruno’s serious cock sucking, David picks him up for some deep tongue kissing, then pushes him back in his chair to work more on David’s thick cock head. Bruno’s yearning for a good hard fuck comes to life as David bends his boss over his desk, grabs Bruno’s hips and rides his hairy ass, granting Bruno’s wish for the long hard fuck of his dreams. After David lays Bruno on his back, Bruno lets loose his man cum across his own hairy abs. Then with his Bruno on his knees, it’s David’s chance to shoot a load of cum all over his very eager and satisfied boss. David Taylor is an extremely handsome tattooed muscle hunk with loads of sexual energy, and Bruno Bond has plenty of desire and stamina to keep up with every bit of it.