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Ripped Dark Boy Is Screwed By White Jock

Roman tugs on Gerald's balls

Gerald is a perfectly ripped piece of dark meat

Dark ripped guy sucking a tasty fat white dick
Black muscle boy is pinned down while fucked

Roman Karloff and Gerald Fabiani are at it again over at  TimTales. These hot and toned fuck-bots start things off with lots of cock sucking. Gerald’s beautiful fat black dick made every bottom in the office pop a boner. Watching him slid it in and out of Roman’s mouth will have you leaking pre cum in your shorts or down your leg if you don’t wear underwear.

After a few minutes of sucking and butt play, Roman wants some dark hole for his massive uncut dick. When they meet up a crazy and wild raw fuck session, you will be entertained watching Gerald’s hole gobble up Roman’s dick. Roman pummels the hell out of that hole before  showering Gerald with loads and loads of cum! Tune in here to watch the juices flow!

Roman bangs Gerlads tight ass with his raw dick
Roman's fat raw dick ready to pound Geralds tight ass

waiter! I’d like some cream covered beef!

Gerald Fabiani's tight muscle body covered in hot cum
Ripped black muscel boy covered  in cum

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Absolutely Ripped Bodybuilder Frank DeFeo Gets Tanned

Muscle stud Frank Defeo smilesFrank Defea ripped muscle guy
Frank Defeo shows his muscled body from behind

I’d love to stick my tongue there. SLURP! Wouldn’t you?

Muscular Frank Defao shows off his huge quads

ManifestMen.com is an oasis of muscled perfection, and Frank Defeo is no exception. This guy is fucking ripped, he’s the guy you see at the gym and want to just eye fuck for hours, but don’t because getting your ass whooped in the parking lot is no fun, and who can afford a post beat-down emergency room bill these days (However, it wanted to rough me up a bit before pounding my ass into oblivion I would be down 😉 ).

I can’t help but wonder if this guy was a football player, his body just SCREAMS I love to wear tights and slap guys asses in a totally hetero kinda way. Let’s be honest, who gives a fuck what he does, he’s HOT, I want to just get between his legs and suck him till he decides I’m ready for him to fuck me. I would do just about anything to have this muscled up piece of sex take me right now, throw my computer out the window, and just take complete advantage. Just a side note, but, he kind of has a Jersey Shore feel to him, and, (guilty pleasure) another primo feature on our man Frank that makes my dick leak.

For more gods on earth, ManifestMen.com has some of the finest muscled men I’ve ever seen.

Frank Defeo oiled up naked

It’s hot outside and his abs are sizzling!

Frank Defeo tanning his abs and cock

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Big Daddy Plows Big Boy In Living Room

Axcel Ryder can read and has a big cock. winner!2 beefy hunks kiss.

Butch Dixon’s Men Are Muscular & Masculine

Two hairy, beefy, uncut and hung hunks hug with their erect dicks out.
Beffy hunk lickes juicy uncut cock.

Muscle Men Suck Dick Too!

Axel Ryder lifts his buddy's legs and mouths his gigantic dick.

Butch Dixon says he’s “got a crew of naked hairy men and muscle bears that’s going to pop your cork.”  If you don’t believe him, just check out the two hairy hunks in this video.  Axel Ryder is the bearded top, with the endless muscles, beautiful furry chest, and gigantic uncut cock.  Marco de Brute is the equally hot and muscular bottom.   These two take their time slurping on each other’s meat, until Axel is so horned up he can’t resist pushing Marco back on to the table so he can shove his huge dick up into a hungry hole.

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More thick dick pounding from Axel Ryder.

Real Men Know How To “Take It Like A Man” 🙂

Axel Ryder fucks Marco de Brute in the ass.
Marco De Brute rubs one out of his big dick while he's pounded by Axel Ryder.

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Hot Naked Muscle Hunk Andrey Komar at Mark Wolff

hard muscle hunk Andrey Komar with huge cock

hot naked muscle hunk with low hanging balls

muscle hunk with big mushroom head and thick cock

hot naked muscle hunk with huge cock

muscle hunk with hard cock

hot naked muscle hunk with big mushroom head

Traveling Europe in search of beautiful sights and hot naked muscle men, Mark Wolff introduces us to a gorgeous 24 year old muscle hunk from Budapest. A former gymnast, Andrey Komar shows it in the massive muscle development of his thighs and overall beauty and masculinity of his muscular physique.

Mark Wolff has the penchant and love of capturing the essence of hot male form and eroticism. Of his latest models, Andrey Komar really caught my eye. His handsome looks stood out as much as his hard muscle body. In fact, the more I look at him, the hotter he gets. Andrey Komar is many things, first a real muscle hunk with a lot of strength and masculinity. Yet his dashing, youthful appearance gives him a romantic heroic streak, which probably sets a lot of hearts on fire.

Andrey Komar obviously does some serious bodybuilding to maintain his hot muscle physique. He isn’t a bodybuilder per se, but he’s perfect. Andrey has both a powerful upper and lower body in his genes and has done well with it. His shoulders and chest are wide, and his biceps and arms are veined and muscular. Those tight abs show how fit he is, and the huge muscle bursting from his thighs speaks for itself. All of his hot naked muscle is a lot to take in for muscle worshippers and anyone who loves good looking men period. While not shown in the pics in this post, Andrey also sports a beefy man ass that’s impressive to say the least.

Speaking of a lot to take, Andrey has a quite a huge dick. His thick cock is uncut but his big mushroom head is too much to hide. Matched with his low hanging balls, and how his big nuts fall around in his ball sack, he really has it all. Andrey’s hard cock is one thick huge dick, and Mark Wolff has plenty more to show of it!

Muscle Jocks at Randy Blue: Hot Red Head Max London

hot red head muscle jock

smooth muscle and man nips

hot naked muscle and man ass

hard muscle jock flexing

hot naked muscle jock flexing hard muscle

hot naked muscle and hard cock with red pubes

hard cock and smooth muscle jock

hot red head muscle jock with hard cock

Randy Blue is full of hot muscle jocks of all kinds, and now one of the hottest red head men around, Max London. First, you have to admit that Max is one extremely good looking man sitting there with his sweaty tank top on, showing off his strong arms and shoulders, looking at the camera with his clear blue eyes and his honest, sweet smile.

There’s no question Max works out just from looking at his defined hot muscle. Randy Blue appropriately filmed him in the gym where we get to see Max actually pumping muscle. He eventually gets so horny from working out that he can’t keep his hands off playing with his cock and jerking off. But the tease starts as we watch this buff muscle jock doing his arm curls and sit ups while he sweats, and he does the job with confidence and good form, too. No wonder his whole body is hard muscle, and I do mean all of him.

Max London may be in the muscle jocks category and not a big bodybuilder, but he might as well be. There’s delineation between the front, center and back shoulder muscles, gorgeous chest muscles (and sweet pink man nips!), ripped abs, and strong thighs. Max London is just as a muscle jock dream all around, his wide back showing big muscle development, right above his firm man ass. He’s all hot smooth muscle, except his fiery red pubes, which definitely hot in their own right! Max London proves why the ancient Greeks venerated the nude, athletic, fit, muscular male physique. Hot naked muscle is like a work of art. Yup, he even has a nicely shaped hard cock to go with it that takes a good, serious jacking. In fact, he works himself into a pretty darn vigorous jerk off until his hard cock explodes with cum!