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Men At Play: Harry Louis’ 10 Inch Cock Fucks The Boss

Men At Play: Harry Louis and Christian Alexander

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That’s right. At only 23 years old, handsome Brazilian hunk Harry Louis sports a mean 10 inch cock. In “Harry’s Appraisal” at Men at Play, even his boss notices Harry’s huge cock underneath his pants. Christian Alexander should know, having a monster cock himself. Unable to take his mind off of the big lump in this young man’s trousers, Christian remarks on the size Harry’s endowment. This only makes Harry Louis’ huge cock harder. And his boss is more than happy to reach in and jerk off Harry’s ass splitting dick so it can grow to it’s full potential. With Harry’s 10 inch cock in hand, Christian Alexander gets down to swallow as much of Harry’s big dick as possible. So far in his “appraisal,” Harry Louis is definitely impressing the boss, who proves it in his equally enthusiastic cock sucking skills.

Harry Louis enjoys having his huge dick sucked but says it isn’t going make him shoot his load. That’s all Christian Alexander needs to hear, and he’s set and ready for a good ass fuck by Harry’s thick 10 inch cock. Lucky for both, Harry Louis is as talented at giving a hard fuck as his boss is at taking a huge cock up his hungry male ass. A real tease, Harry pulls out of Christian’s dick craving hole then rams his 10 inch cock back in repeatedly. After fucking his boss silly, Harry takes his dick out and sends a huge load of cum flying in the air so far it actually hits the lense of the camera filming the video!