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Blond Ripped Hunk Fucks Boy


Young Jake Steel admires Bo Dean's chestJake gets a feel of Bo's muscled ass
Jake Steel sucking Bo Dean's dickJake Steel licking Bo's muscled chest
Inked Bo Dean working the head of Jake' dick

Jake Steel is the lucky little fucker at  JakeCruise.com this week.

There can be no denying how smart, smooth cock hound Jake Steel is. He does not waste his time with skinny little twinks who don’t know their dicks from a door. Instead he focuses his attention, and his mouth on tattoo covered, Muscle daddy, Bo Dean, and trust me, Bo Knows how to bust in a boy’s ass. Watching the hot sucking and fucking these two get up to will have you mopping up your own load in minutes.

There is only one place to look for the most serious intergenerational fuck site in town- JakeCruise.com is where every good boy gets what he deserves.

Bo Dean laying back getting head
Inked Bo fucking young Jake SteelBo busts his nut on Jake's smooth abs

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Zeb Atlas Gets A Spa Treatment

jake undressing zeb before they start playing.zeb face fucks jake with his monster dick.
jake sucks and licks zeb's nipples while he strokes his dick.

Beefy Is VERY Tasty!

jake licking zeb's dick and balls.

Getting the spa treatment by Jake Cruise seems to be all the rage. Just about every major porn star from here to Berlin has found themselves on Jake’s massage table or his “massage” bed. We can tell you that we have not been bored in the least watching Jake help these hard working men of smut “release” the tension they have build up over months of fucking in the most awkward of positions and locations. We can tell you stories of porn stars shooting in parking lots, basements and on bar stools.

Zeb Atlas is the focus of this hot muscle-worship servicing scene. Alex gets in on just about every square inch of Zeb’s “ATLAS” sized body. From his thick meaty pecs to his well manicured feet to gripping that bubble butt and cock. We would be all smiles the whole time too if we were in his shoes. Zeb’s body is bigger and better than ever and we approve of all the work he’s done in the gym. Join us in shooting a load along with Zeb and his esthetician!

naked zeb poses while jake plams his ass.zeb shows off his muscular ass and pink butt hole for the camera.
jake plays with zeb's nipples.
jake jerks off zeb until he shoots his load.

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Imagine Giving Zeb Atlas A Massage & Blowjob…

RippedZeb Atlas shows off his massive bicepsRipped muscle boy undressing and stroking hard cock

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Older man gives smooth body builder a massage
Shaved bodybuilder gets his ass played with

Imagine your hands rubbing that hot smooth muscular body 😉

Jake spreads smooth ass to show tight pink holeJake massages chest of smooth muscle guy with hard cock

Zeb Atlas is at  JakeCruise.com and he is ready to be serviced. His smooth fucking ripped body just screams sex, he’s the kind of guy that can take WHATEVER he wants from WHOEVER he pleases and it comes as no surprise he’s giving hot daddy Jake the honor of touching his perfect body. Zeb just lays their and let’s Jake give him a full service body rubdown, letting Jake carress every inch of his god like body before he let’s him service his finer assets.

Jake looks like he’s in heaven when he gets to eating Zeb’s hot smooth muscle butt, no doubt he wants to plow it, but with a guy as fucking hot as Zeb you really gotta do what he wants, otherwise he could beat the living shit out of you without breaking a sweat! Jake eventually get’s down and dirty and sucks Zeb’s cock like a good daddy, and Zeb shoots a nice fat load. As an added bonus, Zeb shows off again ass he cleans off that massive hunky body in the shower.

For more muscle action JakeCruise.com has on of porn’s hottest daddies with some of the webs sexiest men!

Smooth body builder gets a massage
Young bodybuilder gets his hard dick sucked
Jake gives Zeb a blow job

Give that muscle boy what he really wants – Work that dick!

Hunky bodybuilder gets his hard cock sucked

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