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Kyle Stevens Shows Off His Muscle

Muscle stud Kyle stevens smiles Sexy bodybuilder Kyle Stevens with huge muscular arms
Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens flexes his huge arm muscle

Kyle’s Not Just A Muscle Boy, But Nice Too!

Muscular bodybuilder Kyle Stevens in his underwearBodybuilder Kyle Stevens in underwear showing his extremely muscular legs

It feels like Manifest Men has done more for we dirty fuckers than most any other studio had ever done when it comes to serious muscle worship. Yes, we have seen hot men come across our screen before, but when they are in top shape and ready to take on the Arnold Classic or the New York Grand Prix of bodybuilding, you gotta just stop and take notice. Like we did here with the stunning Kyle Stevens.

Watching Kyle strip out of his clothes left us stiff in the shorts when we got a look at his immaculately sculpted chest and thick as an oak tree legs. Can you imagine what this guy eats to get this big… and how often he has to fuel what looks like tons of muscle hanging off his bones? His grocery bill must be in the high $800’s per month to keep that frame going from day to day. Log in here to want Kyle wash his sweaty balls!

Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens bends over to show his muscular legs and ass
Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens in the shower with soap on his muscular legsHot body builder Kyle Stevens in the shower showing his naked ass

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Raunchy Muscle Boys

Tommy Hawk face fucks Oliver.
oliver licking tommys fat dick head.
tommy fucks oliver hard and deep on fuck bench.

Sometimes you just gotta get your freak on and over at Raw Fuck Club they decided to record two big dicked pigs get their freak on. One of the things we love to see is a hot big dicked bottom with a bubble butt take a big cock and love every inch of it. Another thing we love is watching said big dicked bottom fuck a big dick back using said bubble butt. It takes a hinge like pelvis and salsa dance control to pull that off and make it look effortless.

In this scene featuring Tommy Hawk and Oliver, these boys are all geared up and ready for raw action. Oliver wastes no time getting down on his knees and suckin down Tommy’s fat slab of beef… to the hilt. Tommy has other things on his mind and wants Oliver’s hole wrapped around his cock! So, when you just about have stroked your self to shooting you wad, you will stop as you see these boys blow their loads first! Join the “CLUB” here.

tommy's dick head in oliver's open hole.

Nothing like a good pounding by a muscle stud!

oliver taking tommy's massive fat cock!

Leather muscle guys fucking

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Cayden Ross’ Body Is A Work Of Art

Muscle jock working his bicepsRipped muscle boy taked off his shirt

See more of Cayden’s ripped abs and sexy tattoos @ RandyBlue.com

Ripped smooth body builder with tattoos
Inked muscle stud showing off his smooth ass

Yup – that primo ass likes to get fucked… 🙂

Inked muscle boy working out in jockRipped muscle stud in jock with hard on

The guys at RandyBlue.com have no problem finding some of the hottest muscle bound guys around, thank god for that! Cayden Ross is one of those rare approachable muscle men, he has an intimadating body, and one of the friendliest faces I’ve ever seen. His eyes are so welcoming, and with whats south, It’s a knock out package! The juxtaposition of the tattoos with his friendly disposition seems really fitting, for any of his ink to show he has to be wearing less than jeans and a t-shirt, it’s almost an undercover identity :).

The scene starts off with Cayden showing off his physical prowess before getting to the good stuff. Watching this boy work out is a good warm up, cause, his ass is scorching hot! Watching him wiggle around in his jock strap is such a turn on, not to mention once he pulls his thick cock out the bottom, YUMMY! Cayden makes good once he get’s out of his clothes and serves up a super hot jerk off session, and when you’re that hot, is there any other kind?

Cayden has me thinking of getting pounding all over my gym, what does he make you think of?

Head over to RandyBlue.com for more muscle boys showing off.

Tattooed stud Cayden Ross jerking his thick cock
Ripped muscle stud Cayden Ross stroking his cock

Watch More Hot Naked Jocks @ RandyBlue.com

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Beefy Muscle Boy Matthew Rush Is HOT!

Matthew rush fondeling himself in a jockstrapMuscled Matthew Rush taking off his clothes
Inked bodybuilder Matthew RushMatthew Rush stroking his hard cock

Imagine having such a hot beefy hunk in bed with you!

Smooth bubble butt in jockstrap Matthew Rush shows off his smooth muscle ass in jock

Fucking A, Matthew Rush is posing at ManifestMen.com and I swear to god, this man just gets hotter as time goes by. He’s 37 years old now, and just a huge fucking piece of sex. His cocky face, bulging arms, massive tatted up pecs, not to mention his fat fuck pole all adds up to a perfect 10 in my book. This scene has him donning a military ensemble and it’s fucking hot, the green t, the military issue jock, the dog tags, the boots,  this scene makes me think about being a new recruit and having him pull me aside for some discipline, and the things I would let him do to me!

The scene starts out with him stripping down, and he’s in the elite few that don’t even need to take a thing off to get my dick hard. His whole persona is just so sexy, but, once he gets down to just his jock and boots. I cant help but think about having my hands tied behind my back and undoing the tie up front of his jock. Then having him slide his massive cock into my willing mouth and then letting him pound away at my throat before he decides I’m worthy of him fucking my ass.

I’m sure you have your own Matthew Rush fantasy and honestly, how couldn’t you?

For more gods like Matthew head over to ManifestMen.com

Inked bodybuilder Matthew RushMatthew Rush with hard on

Watch Video

For the best in muscle men, check out ManifestMen.com

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Big Roger & His Primo Muscle Butt

Oiled up bodybuilder eating whipped cream
Hot bodybuilder in a fuck me pose

See the hottest bodybuilder butt at JockButt.com

Primo bodybuilder assFuckable ass in a jockstrap

If you’re into muscle worship or you just can’t get enough of hot pumped up men in the buff than Jock Butt is made for you.  This high quality site features muscle men galore showing off their bubble butts and more.  Here is Big Roger, who proves that nicknames don’t always mean the opposite, because everything about him is big.  Not only is every muscle on his oiled up body bulging but so is that white jockstap he’s wearing.  From his shaved head to that sexy tattoo on his forearm, Big Roger is a manly stud who just exudes sex appeal and whose ass deserves a site all it’s own.  Just look at that sweet pink hole he’s got.  Wouldn’t you just love to slide your cock in there and feel those muscles clench around you?   Well, for now, all you get to do is look but I’m sure these pictures will inspire some pretty wild fantasies.

Want to see more pictures of Big Roger and other hot muscle butts?  Go check them out at JockButt.com.

Hot ass on a bald bodybuilderBeefy bodybuilder in a jockstrap bends over and begs to get fucked
Beefy muscle ass showing hole

See the hottest bodybuilder butt at JockButt.com

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