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Bald Bodybuilder Wrestles Inked Muscle Stud

Sean and Jason Flexing for the cameraJason and Sean about to start wrestling
Ripped muscle stud Jason BarkerInked muscle stud Sean Dexter
Sean dna Jason begin to spar

I remember the first time I met Mark Wolff in person. I was working weekends at the front desk of this world famous bodybuilder’s gym in midtown when the door chime went off and in he walks. I almost shit my pants because the night before I was checkin out some pics of his and wishing how much my body looked like his. Then I realized he was appearing at the now defunct and long gone Gayety Theater.

So who knew Sean Dexter and Jason Barker had wrestling chops. To be honest, looking at their video, it looked more like they were just goofing off but that quickly changes when their natural male instincts kick in and its survival of the fittest. Defend yourself or get beat! The action heats up when you see these men try to dominate and win the “top” prize because the loser is on the bottom! Click here to see who taps out first!

Beefy Jason Barker and Sean Dexter naked in the showerJason Barker and Sean Dexter naked in the shower
Big smooth bodybuilders begin wrestlingHot young smoth bodybuilders with uncut dicks wrestle
Sean gets his arms around Jason's neckBig smooth bodybuilders begin wrestling

Watch Video
Watch Video

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Ripped Russian Rascal @ Mark Wolff

Ripped smooth jock takes his shirt offSmooth jock with ripped abs takes his shirt off

I’ll take a White Russian, please

Hairless jock Jasper showing off his chest

The guys over at Mark Wolff would like you to meet Jasper Van Dean. Jasper hails from Russia but he’s currently working in Las Vegas as a dancer. This sexy man is twenty-nine years old, stands five eleven and weighs in at 215 pounds. We approve, especially with that beautiful uncut monster he has there. His eyes are pretty alluring too. Our favorite pic is on the bottom right… DAYYYYMN!

It’s not often that we get to see really hot men from other parts of the world. Seriously, there are men out in the world that deserve to be in front of the camera or in our beds for that matter. We for one would hire Jasper to strip for us anytime. In the office, at home before and after work and for guests to ogle at. You can enjoy his striptease for yourself here.

Ripped jock Jasper undressingHairless mucle boy removing his underwear
Muscle stud with smooth bubble assHairless mucle boy with uncut cock

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Hot Naked Muscle Hunk Andrey Komar at Mark Wolff

hard muscle hunk Andrey Komar with huge cock

hot naked muscle hunk with low hanging balls

muscle hunk with big mushroom head and thick cock

hot naked muscle hunk with huge cock

muscle hunk with hard cock

hot naked muscle hunk with big mushroom head

Traveling Europe in search of beautiful sights and hot naked muscle men, Mark Wolff introduces us to a gorgeous 24 year old muscle hunk from Budapest. A former gymnast, Andrey Komar shows it in the massive muscle development of his thighs and overall beauty and masculinity of his muscular physique.

Mark Wolff has the penchant and love of capturing the essence of hot male form and eroticism. Of his latest models, Andrey Komar really caught my eye. His handsome looks stood out as much as his hard muscle body. In fact, the more I look at him, the hotter he gets. Andrey Komar is many things, first a real muscle hunk with a lot of strength and masculinity. Yet his dashing, youthful appearance gives him a romantic heroic streak, which probably sets a lot of hearts on fire.

Andrey Komar obviously does some serious bodybuilding to maintain his hot muscle physique. He isn’t a bodybuilder per se, but he’s perfect. Andrey has both a powerful upper and lower body in his genes and has done well with it. His shoulders and chest are wide, and his biceps and arms are veined and muscular. Those tight abs show how fit he is, and the huge muscle bursting from his thighs speaks for itself. All of his hot naked muscle is a lot to take in for muscle worshippers and anyone who loves good looking men period. While not shown in the pics in this post, Andrey also sports a beefy man ass that’s impressive to say the least.

Speaking of a lot to take, Andrey has a quite a huge dick. His thick cock is uncut but his big mushroom head is too much to hide. Matched with his low hanging balls, and how his big nuts fall around in his ball sack, he really has it all. Andrey’s hard cock is one thick huge dick, and Mark Wolff has plenty more to show of it!

Gorgeous Muscle Hunk Mark Wolff

Mark Wolff

Smooth Muscle Hunk at Mark Wolff

hard muscle

hot naked muscle hunk Mark Wolff

thick cock with mushroom head

hard cock with mushroom head

thick cock

Handsome with seductive grey-blue eyes, contrasting dark luscious hair, sensuous thick lips, and a gorgeous smooth muscle body, Mark Wolff began his career as a model in 1995. Having graced the covers of over 50 magazines, including Men’s Workout, Colt, Playgirl, and Men’s Exercise, this talented muscle hunk created Mark Wolff Productions after graduating from college in 1999. Featuring athletic men and physique models from around the world, his site, Mark Wolff, sometimes even includes none other the the hot muscle hunk who started it all, Mark Wolff himself.

In this shoot, Mark’s glistening hard muscle is misted by the waves along the shore on hot and sunny Miami day. Mark Wolff then retreats indoors to strip and show us his bodybuilder’s physique, strong biceps and well built, defined chest. As you can see, his thick cock has a big mushroom head whether soft or hard. And that suck-able fat dick gets super hard! Even his nipples are deliciously large to match his huge cock and hard muscle. All of this in a bodybuilder package with dreamy looks that steal hearts.