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A Hot Ebony Dream

Ripped bodybuilder Orso Orfeo in his undwear outside
Orso Orfeo's big chest and beefy legs in white trunks

Again Muscle Hunks brings you more pictures and videos from the hottest and biggest muscles of the net, these guys are so big they look incredible and tasty. Lots of muscles here

Here we have Orso Orfeo with his huge muscles, huge back and also a dark muscle bubble butt, check out this huge dude with his awesome muscular biceps, huge legs, and perfect definition. As you can see here, Orso has no problems  showing off his huge body that’s waiting to be licked, massaged, and caressed. Look at his big pecs and nice nipples, would you like to lick them? With his manly shaved head, big arms and sexy ripped six pack i bet you are drooling now.

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Orso Orfeo flexing his massive shoulders

A dream made of ebony and muscles

Orso shows off his rock hard ass

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Imagine Giving Zeb Atlas A Massage & Blowjob…

RippedZeb Atlas shows off his massive bicepsRipped muscle boy undressing and stroking hard cock

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Older man gives smooth body builder a massage
Shaved bodybuilder gets his ass played with

Imagine your hands rubbing that hot smooth muscular body 😉

Jake spreads smooth ass to show tight pink holeJake massages chest of smooth muscle guy with hard cock

Zeb Atlas is at  JakeCruise.com and he is ready to be serviced. His smooth fucking ripped body just screams sex, he’s the kind of guy that can take WHATEVER he wants from WHOEVER he pleases and it comes as no surprise he’s giving hot daddy Jake the honor of touching his perfect body. Zeb just lays their and let’s Jake give him a full service body rubdown, letting Jake carress every inch of his god like body before he let’s him service his finer assets.

Jake looks like he’s in heaven when he gets to eating Zeb’s hot smooth muscle butt, no doubt he wants to plow it, but with a guy as fucking hot as Zeb you really gotta do what he wants, otherwise he could beat the living shit out of you without breaking a sweat! Jake eventually get’s down and dirty and sucks Zeb’s cock like a good daddy, and Zeb shoots a nice fat load. As an added bonus, Zeb shows off again ass he cleans off that massive hunky body in the shower.

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Smooth body builder gets a massage
Young bodybuilder gets his hard dick sucked
Jake gives Zeb a blow job

Give that muscle boy what he really wants – Work that dick!

Hunky bodybuilder gets his hard cock sucked

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Huge Bodybuilder Roger Lockman At Powermen

thick muscle hunk Roger Lockman

Roger Lockman at Powermen

round bubble butt

Roger Lockman

round bubble butt

shaved cock and balls

smooth muscle hunk

Thick Cock

One thing’s for sure, Roger Lockman is MASSIVE muscle everywhere. He’s no freaky monster out of a bodybuilder mag but a perfectly built delicious, lick-able, huggable, suck and fuck-able hunk of solid thick muscle. Really he has everything: vein popping vascularity but not overdone, fantastic definition, strong back muscles and upper body development, ripped abs and huge thighs all wrapped up silky smooth. Plus a gorgeous face and playful smile. How could you not want to crawl into that bed with him?

Front and back views are equally breathtaking. Those round bubble butt cheeks are just begging to rimmed and fucked. It’s so hot how you can see each nut in his huge ball sack, especially when he’s laying back and his hot naked balls spread out on his legs and groin. Totally shaved cock and balls and smooth muscle – I love it. Wouldn’t you know his hard dick is massive, too. A thick cock head like Roger Lockman sports would definitely make any cocksucker very happy. How he’s holding his thick cock, though, seems like he’s looking for a good long ride.

Ripped Bodybuilder Harry Cooper

ripped abs

Harry Cooper at Powermen

massive muscles

hot naked muscle

smooth muscle

hot naked muscle hunk

This handsome hunk’s muscle is lean, hard, and BIG, a combination that only a serious bodybuilder can maintain. His percentage of body fat must be incredibly low, and his vein popping hard muscle all over his body proves it. While a healthy, fit guy is around fifteen percent body fat, the lowest a bodybuilder at competition time will go is just four percent. Harry Cooper must be closer to the latter, because there’s no other way to be so huge and maintain tight muscle definition everywhere, especially such ripped abs. It’d be a pleasure just to bump in to him to feel his massive muscles, let alone be wrapped up in the arms, legs and smooth muscle of this hot bodybuilder. He’d be able to straddle anyone and hold ’em down good with his thick powerful quadriceps bursting out of his thighs. Harry Cooper has another plan of attack though. His gorgeous dark features, sensuous lips, and seductive looks make him irresistible.