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Smooth Muscle Stud Shows His Big Weapon

Huge beefy body builder Tyler saitn lifting up his shirtTyler's fat cock ready for action
Tyler Saint's massive cock hanging out of his camo'sTyler shows off his smooth bubble butt
Tyler Saint strokes his huge cock

Over in the Backroom at Hot House they’re heating things up all over our computer screens and PDAs with their LIVE action “its happening this second” presentations of some seriously hot fuckin! I have checked out a number of their live shoots and for the most part they are pretty hot, but its seems to be a lot tougher on the models. Think of it as if you’re watching a live TV show or a play. You never know what you’re gonna see!

We are happy to see that the uber sexy Tyler Saint in this little ditty. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he loves a good submissive bottom. HOT! we know one particular submissive bottom by the name of Mike Dreyden we would LOOOOVE to see this muscle boune fucker nail with that fat nine inch cock. Tyler also mentions that his number one ultimate fantasy includes a bunch of dudes lined up side by side with their mouths and holes open and ready to take rough and deep. SIGN ME UP! Check out Tyler here with me wontchya?

bodybuilder daddy poses with his gigantic weapon

He has no mercy, and you want him to shoot!

Huge hung muscle jock Tyler Saint Tyler's massive hard cock

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Tanned, Ripped Bodybuilder Goes To The Gym

Sexy muscle stud Timmy Riordan shows off his body on the roofTimmy Riordan in black underwear
Sexy muscle stud Timmy Riordan shows off his body on the roof

If all gym instructors were like him, I’d work out much more

Arm curls in the gym with Timmy Riordan

Hot Latin muscle will never go out of fashion and the boys over at Power Men know how to find some seriously hot Latin boys to show it off for the camera. There is something that gets my juices flowing when I see a fat uncut cock dripping pre-cum from the hood. It’s like an invitation to suckle and feed on a magic serum that will turn you into an Adonis your self. Lord knows I would do just that in a heart beat!

Timmy Riordan doesn’t come with much of a bio, but from what we can tell, he’s got the goods when it comes to sex appeal, big muscle and juicy goodness between his legs… front an back. I honestly don’t know what I would like to see more, him sucking cock, riding cock or fucking an equally hot muscled booty. Lets hope that next time we see Timmy, we’ll see him in action. In the meantime, get your fill of this stud here.

Timmy strokes his cock in his underwear
Muscle man Timmy Riordan naked with a hard cock
tTmmy posing in his Tommys

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Muscular Brazilian Stud Is Fucked By Beefy White Man

Collin and Roderigo naked on the couch together
Collin and Roderigo stroke together on the couch
Collin works the head of Roderigo's fat cock

You have to give it to Collin O’Neal and his World Of Men. Here is a guy who has literally traveled all over the planet to find the hottest men to fuck and/or record fucking for our enjoyment. I would say he is one of the guys in the industry who really gets it and knows what the fans are looking for and WANT to see in their smut. Sure, others deliver hot shit to shoot loads to but it can be a bit tiring after a while when all you wanna see is two guys who look like “you” doin it.

Collin and his sexy mocha friend Rodrigo Beckmann really heat up the screen in a way that reminds me of the hot dude from the hood that use to come over to my place after school and fuck my lights out. If i didn’t know any better, I’d say this is him but he’s been in prison for years and ain’t gettin out any time soon. This big dark Brazilian fucker know loves to take cock up his poop-shoot and he is not faking it at all! Feel free to spread your cheeks along with the boys NOW!

Collin ready to pound Roderigo's ass
Beefy furry Collin O'Neal ready to fuck a hot black ass
Collin feeds his cock to Roderigo

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Latinos Flip Flop Blond Muscle Boy

Juan Steel, Miguel Temon and Justin Jameson
Miguel, Justin and Juan on the couch

This wholesome boy loves latin sausage. Do you ?

Justin chokes on Juan's huge dick

Its times like these I love my job and thanks to the dirty fuckers over at Hot Barebacking I am sitting here at my desk with a boner sticking out of my shorts. Three of the hottest men in one hell of a three way. What more could you ask for? I know, I would ask them to recreate this scorcher right here in the lounge for the entire staff to watch and jack off in an office circle jerk. Wish list item number one!

Justin Jameson, Juan Steel and Miguel Temon were brought together on sunny afternoon having never met each other before. Upon arrival, Juan makes it known that he intends to fuck both Justin and Miguel. They start with hot oral action. Then, both muscle bound studs open their hairy holes to get a RAW fuck and a half! It’s a smorgesboard of barebacking sex! Download it NOW and keep it on a loop!

Muscle boy chain fuck
Miguel Temon fucking Justin's ass while he sucks Juan's cock
Juan plows Miguel's hot ass whule he sucks Justin's cock

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Muscular Italian Loves Hard Dick

Scurffy muscle stud Alex Marte
Sexy Italian studAlex Marte in his underwearMarco feels Alex's tight hairy body
Italian hottie Alex Marte shows off his fat uncut dick

Excuse us. That sound you may have just heard is a collective gasp from our entire office staff at the latest to hit our server from our favorite studio, Men At Play. The first in the industry to celebrate the fetish of well dressed men doing the nasty in suits, in the office, by the water cooler, the copy room, conference room table and lobby. There is never a warning when the feeds come in so we never know when to brace ourselves!

This scene stars drop dead gorgeous Alex Marte and the insanely sexy Marco Wilson. When they first meet it becomes clear to Marco and everyone on the set that he will be the one on top pounding Alex’s big beefy butt. Alex tells Marco to put his money where his mouth is! And just like that, a super sexually charged scene is made! The cock sucking, ass fuckin action is one for the history books here guys! So, click here and have plenty of water at the ready while you beat off to this scorcher.

Alex gets a hot blowjob from Marco
Marco digs deep into Alex's hole with his tongue
Alex rides Marco's fat cock

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