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A Strong And Sexy Corporate Merger

Rick and Christian seduce Rob NelsonRob Nelson plays with Christian Alexander's beefy ass
Rob Nelson shows off Christains Alexander's smooth muscle assRob Nelson tongues a smooth beefy muscle ass

Nothing Like A Tasty Meal Of Muscle Ass!

Rick Bauer forces Rob Nelson's tongue deeper into Christian's smooth muscle ass

Welcome to Men At Play’s dirty little secret. The seduction of a sugar daddy by his would be boy. I think we all at one point or another wished we had a sugar daddy around to take care of us so we could finish our degree at university or cover the rent when times are tough and you’re short a few hundred bucks. When we fantasize about having a sugar daddy, its more like giving up my hole any time any where and living the good life.

In this latest from the studio who likes their fine italian tailored suites, we are treated to three of the hottest men in the business, Rick Bauer, Christian Alexander and Rob Nelson. Rick his long awaited return to Menatplay and tries to seduce his sugar daddy with present by way of the incredibly sexy and hung Rob Nelson. You will love watching Rob’s face while he fucks tight holes. You should totally get a membership today!

Rick Bauer fucking Robs ass while he makes out with ChristainChristain Alexander getting his smooth muscle ass plowed while sucking cock
Rob Nelson getting his ass fucked by Rick while pounding Christian's ass

That’s what I call a corporate merger!

Rob Nelson fucks Christain Alexander on the desk while Rick Bauer tongues his smooth hole
Rick strokes his uncut cock while Rob fucks Christan's ass

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Muscular Studs Fucking By The Pool

Dean Monroe, Devin Draz, and John Magnum in briefs with hard ons
Dean and Devin kiss while John sucks Devin's cock

I don’t want to skip geometry anymore

Three hot muscle boys sucking each others cocks

If I were Dan Monroe and I got fucked by John Magnum and Devin Draz I would tell the powers that be at Cocksure Men to let us do it again for my own personal library! Who the fuck over there got the bright idea to put these three hot and legendary MEN of porn in the same room together and the presence of mind to film what happens?! We want to know so we can suck your fucking cock! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

It is true that these three guys are indeed porn legend IN their prime. The story goes like this… Dean Monroe makes his way across this pond to the ranch where he meets up with Devin and John for a three-way. They start off by getting into a cock sucking triangle where everyone gets some head. I won’t spoil the entire scene, but Dean is the first to get bend over and gets stuffed by…. you’re just gonna have to click here to see who fucks Dean first!

Dean and John getting their cocks serviced by Devin DrazDevin gets his ass fucked deep by Dean
John inserts his cock into Devin's ass while he fucks Dean
John and Davin shoot their nut on Dean's face
Dean Monroe's face covered in hot cum

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Pool Boy Gets Nailed By Jocks

Cute young jock sucking cocks in the hot tub
Three hot young jock suck and play around in a hot tub
Ripped smooth jock getting his cock sucked

There are so many Belami boys online to look at that its easy to get overwhelmed by their massive cocks and sickening good looks. How do we handle it? We stroke our cocks until we shoot load after load. What did you think we did? HA! Bring it on Belami! Bring it on and make us crazy with lust. Hot and feverish lust! Wait, let me get my dildo. Ok, now… load me up!

Watching Todd and Dolph have their dirty way with their pool boy Ariel is simply hot. I’ve tried to find other words to describe just how hot, but HOT is it! Ariel doesn’t protesting or pull away not once and the more dick he can get the better! This scene gets high marks for location, models and sexual intensity. Log on now and take a look for yourself.

Hot young jock rides raw dick while sucking cock
Hot young jock getting his ass fucked raw while sucking dick
Cute jock sucking dick while riding a hard cock

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Jock Twins Show Off And Flex For Ripped Top

Smooth ripped muslce jock shows off his abs
Ennio admires Elijah and Milo's bodies

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Milo and Elijah Peters admire Ennio's biceps

Fuck BelamiOnline.com has some of the hottest action on the web but this scene is a notch above there usual fare. Elijah and Milo Peters are each on their own gorgeous specimens of male perfection, together, they make up the hottest identical twin porn team I can think of. They’re both in tip top shape and who doesn’t love a little brotherly love. Ennio Guardi, the hunky muscle jock is a lucky mother fucker, getting to play with the Peters twins is a dream CUM true, and Ennio puts them to the best use possible.

Ennio kicks the scene off showing the twins his ripped body, and compelling them to show off as well. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest fantasies is a hot set of twins like the Peters, what could be dirtier or hotter? Watching these two brothers interact is so fucking hot, you know what they were doing growing up, and as wrong as it seems, you can’t help but get a massive hard on thinking about it. I love that they’re not hands off about the action either, it’s incest at it’s best!

For more scorching hot action,  BelamiOnline.com is one of the best places on the web.

Thee young smooth muscle jocks play naked
Ennio fucks one twn bareback while his brother strokes his cock

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Milo Pters getting his ass plowed bareback by Ennio Guardi

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Bel Ami Kris Evans Bottoming For Smooth Muscle Jocks

cock sucking Kris Evans' huge cock

hot naked muscle jocks

Kris Evan's uncut cock

cock sucking thick cock

men kissing and sucking thick cock

Kris Evans cock sucking huge dick

Kris Evans cock sucking thick cock

smooth muscle jocks fucking Kris Evans

muscle jocks with huge cocks
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Handsome and well hung Kris Evans at Bel Ami has proven to be a superlative top. Of course, it helps that only every guy wants a piece of his huge cock! Now it’s Kris’ turn to get a big helping of hard thick cock for the first time, and from two other smooth muscle jocks like himself: Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios. Even Vadim and Manuel can’t resist cock sucking Kris’ huge dick, but Kris sure gets a mouthful and his sweet ass stuffed with theirs in “Kris Evans Bottoming.” All three young studs have beautiful, slender youthful bodies and faces, and cut, defined smooth muscle. It’s this highly seductive and erotic combination that made Bel Ami famous for it’s models and hot male sex.

If you aren’t familiar with Bel Ami, it’s definitely worth the visit, and a mecca for those into gorgeous, highly sexual smooth muscle jocks endowed with unmistakably thick, huge cocks. It’s like visiting a piece of heaven. The hot young hunks at Bel Ami are mostly European, and the settings are often spectacular and sensuous in themselves. Of all adult producers, Bel Ami is most consistent really in everything. Bel Ami Men are always fit, lean, delicious muscle jocks with gigantic cocks, mostly uncut, who shoot thick loads of cum. These handsome young men savor if not worship every inch of thick cock they swallow, and moan in pleasure with every hard fuck they give and take. It’s non stop hot men kissing, cock sucking and ass fucking, with a good dose of cum. Bel Ami is one big smooth muscle jock wet dream fantasy, but with real hardcore man sex.

Just take a look at the big uncut dicks Kris Evans is cock sucking and taking up his smooth hot male ass, and Kris’ own monster cock that Vadim and Manuel can get enough of. For his first time taking cock, Kris Evans is incredible. It gets better as Kris’ muscle jock friends shoot both their loads of cum on his face. Beautiful and so HOT!