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Athletic Jocks Suck And Fuck


Shirtless jocks undressing each other while they make out
Shirtless hot jocks kissing
Scruffy young jock plays with his buds cock and chest

Plug the Stud is the games playing at DirtyTony.com this week.

Rather than Tony’s regular challenge of seeing how far a straight guys will go, he has teamed up two beautiful scruffy hunks, who must have been born cum hungry. These muscle jocks engage in some serious deep-throat action followed closely by some luscious rump rimming before the real fuck fest begins. Tony’s signature facial finale is twice as good this time around as BOTH dudes gobble up each other’s thick, slimy spunk.

The only place to see the snowball fight that follows is Dirty Tony – don’t miss a drop of it.

Scruffy muscle boy sucking his buds hard cock
Beautiful young muscle boys fucking on the couch

I don’t care about your feelings, just fuck me!

Young guy gets his ass pounded by a buddy on the couch

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Adorable Muscle Cub With Ripped Abs

Shot young college jock shirtlessRipped young college jock shirtlessSculpeted jocks furry pecs and abs
Hot anked jock with a beefy assShirtless jock working out in the garage
Big dicked jock with a breat chest

Every now and then we like to feature guys who are just starting out on their journey of building muscle – like Otto from Fratmen.tv – he’s well on his way – he’s taken off most of his fat weight and is starting to build muscle. His abs are already pretty incredible. His arms and pecs look pretty good – at least in certain poses. And it seems he’s paying attention to his back (an area a lot of guys neglect) – there’s some good development there too.

But that’s just his muscle development… Then there’s all the things that Otto has going for him that hours at a gym will never improve (for the guys who don’t have them)… He’s got an incredibly beautiful face and smile. He’s just fuckin’ handsome – and he looks like a nice guy. And then there’s his dick – not huge, but definitely a nice dick. Hopefully he uses it frequently to fuck other guys.

All in all Otto looks like boyfriend material to me. Some guy is going the snatch him up and they’ll fuck like bunnies and then do some nesting and build a home together. He’s just that type of guy – you can see it in his eyes. Then the question is whether he’ll become “married, fat & happy”. Happy is always good. Married isn’t a problem as long as you eventually ditch the whole monogamy thing. But I just hope he never gets fat – ’cause he’s so fucking hot with some muscle on him… 😉

If you wanna see more hot boy-next-door types who are just seeing some results from bodybuilding – check out Fratmen.tv – the guys over there are really pretty smokin’ hot. I mean as hot as Otto is, he’s actually sorta average by Frat Men standards. Bottom line – if you’re into young muscle jocks – you’ll love Frat Men!

Hot furry young jocks fat dick

oh, fuck, this piece of meat got me HARD

Hot young jock about to shoot his load

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Hairy Kitchen Hunk

Beefy muscle boy Str8Cam Jeff in a jockstrap
Jeff shows off his muscled legs, back, and ass
Jeff bends over to show off his beefy ass

Every single time I log on to Str8Cams.com, there is always some hot studly fucker putting on a little show for me. If you have not cum across this stunning prick tease before, his name is “Jeff”, and he takes requests. Safe in the comfort of his girlfriend’s apartment, this hairy hunk can actually be very uninhibited. A compulsive masturbator, he has indulged in ball shaving, water sports, digital exploration, pumpkin fucking and lots and lots of uniforms.

This ambitious young entrepreneur has recently released a line of jack off gel that looks as thick and dense as his own sweet seed. Maybe the jock strap with his face on it is going a bit far, but that does not matter much once we see what he has inside it.  To sample some of this straight dude’s virgin ass, close up, Click Here!

Jeff shows off his cock, hole and feet
Jeff lounges on the sofa
Str*cam Jeff lays on the kitchen counter

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Muscle Stud Shows Us Whats Under A Kilt

Str8Cam Jeff in his kiltStr8Cam Jeff
Str8Cam Jeff
Str8Cam Jeff
Str8Cam Jeff

Jeff aka Str8Cam has been doing his online jerk off sessions for years now. He has also won the Cybersocket Award for Best Amateur Web Cam! We are not surprised! Look at him. He’s down right gorgeous, has an amazing body that he keeps in tip top shape and a beautifully fat cock that makes men and women alike drool for. My assistant is always on his site and jerkin off to this stud!

In this episode, Jeff adorns his Scottish attire to answer the age old question, “Whats under the Kilt”. As if anyone with half a brain cell could not figure it out. Under Jeff’s kilt you will find a juicy pink and sweaty man hole covered in hair with the right amount of musk to boot. In front you will find his famous cock and big balls. Lube up and stroke along with Jeff, you know you wanna!

Str8Cam Jeff
Str8Cam Jeff
Str8Cam Jeff

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Rugged Australians Mate

Hot young Josh Harris and Rogan drinking beer
Rogan sniffs Josh's pits.

Nice Soft Tongue Over Hard Muscles

Josh sucks on Rogan's uncut dick.

Thanks to World Of Men for filling our inbox with more hot skin for us to drool over. We never get sick of seeing really hot men with great bodies and big ole dicks. We have see one big cock after another attached to a crazy hot body but if you look closely at each guy individually, you can see how their body composition is different and in some cases they have some of the best body art by very talented artists.

This time around you got Josh Harris and his buddy Rogan who by the way is from Australia and was discovered at the legendary West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey. He was offered a gig to shoot with the sickly handsome Josh who we want to have tied up in our bedroom for an entire weekend. His luscious bubble butt is so fuckin munchable it makes our mouths water! Check out the newbie and the pro go at it.

Rogan works the head of Josh's hard cock
Rogan massages Josh's hairy hole with his tongue.
Furry Josh Harris covered in Rogans hot load

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