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Men At Play: Hot Office Sex In “Boardroom Rendezvous”

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Men at Play states there was no script and no cuts made in “Boardroom Rendevouz,” that Bruno Knight and Rob Nelson created their own hot office sex as they desired. It doesn’t always work like this in videos, but Hot Naked Muscle strives for the the most natural hot male sex to be found. These two handsome hunks from Men at Play are a good example. Both hot hunks work well together, and while their man sex in the office is a fantasy, it is still strongly felt and real.

One giveaway is their spontaneous kissing. Bruno Knight is very upfront and passionate, and loves to use his tongue every chance he gets. That includes the two men kissing, or if Bruno is lapping up Rob’s firm, hot male ass. He gets right in there, running his tongue above Nelson’s well hung balls, then right over his hole and up his back. The heaviest rimming is when Rob Nelson laying with his back and legs up on the boardroom desk. Both hot hunks do their share of cock sucking in the video, but its after Bruno’s rimming tease when Rob Nelson shows just how well hung and hard his big uncut cock is.

Wearing only his dress socks and shoes throughout most of the video, Rob shows off all of his hot naked muscle while Bruno plays in his suit and tie. The combination is a highly erotic part of office sex and Men At Play. At this point, Bruno finally starts stripping off his suit and and tie to reveal his hairy chest and body. Actually both are muscular and hairy men, except Rob Nelson is finely trimmed. Hot, bothered and sweaty from the start, the two hairy hunks are now far past introductions and their passion for each other is clear. Earlier in the “Boardroom Rendezvous,” Rob gets fucked leaning against the desk. This time Bruno fucks deeper and smiles as he closely watches the Rob’s ecstatic reaction. The connection is quite intense and ultimately leads to both hot hunks jerking off their loads.

Well Hung Colt Men John Magnum and Brian Hansen

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Colt Men John Magnum and Brian Hansen are two hot hunks who share a few things in common. Both smooth muscle men are well hung and love cock sucking, which makes things very interesting in Scene 1 of “Lotus” at Colt Studio Group. Besides his mesmerizing blue eyes and handsome smile, John Magnum can seduce any man who loves a gorgeous thick cock. Brian Hansen is just the hunk to fit that bill and savors every inch of John’s big long hard cock. The feeling is mutual and then John Magnum takes his time getting his needs met cock sucking Brian’s thick dick. When Brian lays back to give access to all his hot naked body, the balls in his big nut sack split and fall to each side of his huge cock, showing just how well hung he is. John laps up those smooth shaved balls and begins rimming Brian’s delectably hot ass hole, and you know what’s on the minds of these Colt men…

Brian’s tan lines make his screaming white ass look like it’s just begging to be fucked. It’s so hot watching watching John Magnum plow his thick cock into Brian’s spread round ass cheeks. Actually John Magnum has an even rounder and hotter man ass, but he’s too busy using long hard dick fucking Brian. No matter, both muscle hunks reach nirvana and shoot their loads after their sensuous and intense hard fuck.

Well Hung Muscle Jocks Bareback at Chaosmen

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Chaos Men muscle jocks Degan and Taylor are a perfect pair. Both young hunks share the same height, have a good solid body structure to build muscle, and are well hung men. Degan loves getting fucked and Taylor likes to dominate, making their play all that more natural and fun. Multiplying the erotic factor, Chaosmen videos are mostly bareback, and so is “Degan and Taylor: Raw.” Degan’s smooth shaved ass hole is Taylor made (sorry, couldn’t pass it up) for his buddy’s thick cock. And check out Taylor’s hot hairy bush!

In addition to all the bareback fucking this Chaosmen video has to offer, Degan and Taylor sure enjoy leading up to it. Starting with the two men kissing and progressing to some serious cock sucking, Taylor worships Degan’s thick cock and then offers his own hard dick for Degan to suck. Neither wants to be left out, which leads the young hunks into some hot sixty nine cock sucking action, savoring each other’s big cock head and meaty shaft.

Pretty much hard the whole time, these well hung muscle jocks love what they do, and it’s easy to see why. Watching Taylor’s thick cock head plunging bareback into Degan’s hot ass hole, and then the rest of his fat veiny cock sliding in is quite a sight. That I usually like mens shaved pubes but love Taylor’s thick hairy bush should speak for itself. When the base of Taylor’s cock and pubes are pressed tight against Degan’s smooth, shaved, hot man ass, it’s Taylor’s dark hairy bush that’s still showing – super hot.

Ultimately Degan bursts his load, turns around and gives Taylor his butt yet again. When Tyler is ready to cum, he pulls out and shoots a load all over Degan’s used hole, then slides his thick cock in and out of Degan’s plowed ass a few more times! Beside providing a good view of Degan’s low hung balls, the last pic before the preview video shows Taylor spreading Degan’s smooth round hot man ass after creaming it good and fucking him hard. Gotta love it.

Gorgeous Muscle Hunk Mark Wolff

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Handsome with seductive grey-blue eyes, contrasting dark luscious hair, sensuous thick lips, and a gorgeous smooth muscle body, Mark Wolff began his career as a model in 1995. Having graced the covers of over 50 magazines, including Men’s Workout, Colt, Playgirl, and Men’s Exercise, this talented muscle hunk created Mark Wolff Productions after graduating from college in 1999. Featuring athletic men and physique models from around the world, his site, Mark Wolff, sometimes even includes none other the the hot muscle hunk who started it all, Mark Wolff himself.

In this shoot, Mark’s glistening hard muscle is misted by the waves along the shore on hot and sunny Miami day. Mark Wolff then retreats indoors to strip and show us his bodybuilder’s physique, strong biceps and well built, defined chest. As you can see, his thick cock has a big mushroom head whether soft or hard. And that suck-able fat dick gets super hard! Even his nipples are deliciously large to match his huge cock and hard muscle. All of this in a bodybuilder package with dreamy looks that steal hearts.