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Muscular Brazilian Stud Is Fucked By Beefy White Man

Collin and Roderigo naked on the couch together
Collin and Roderigo stroke together on the couch
Collin works the head of Roderigo's fat cock

You have to give it to Collin O’Neal and his World Of Men. Here is a guy who has literally traveled all over the planet to find the hottest men to fuck and/or record fucking for our enjoyment. I would say he is one of the guys in the industry who really gets it and knows what the fans are looking for and WANT to see in their smut. Sure, others deliver hot shit to shoot loads to but it can be a bit tiring after a while when all you wanna see is two guys who look like “you” doin it.

Collin and his sexy mocha friend Rodrigo Beckmann really heat up the screen in a way that reminds me of the hot dude from the hood that use to come over to my place after school and fuck my lights out. If i didn’t know any better, I’d say this is him but he’s been in prison for years and ain’t gettin out any time soon. This big dark Brazilian fucker know loves to take cock up his poop-shoot and he is not faking it at all! Feel free to spread your cheeks along with the boys NOW!

Collin ready to pound Roderigo's ass
Beefy furry Collin O'Neal ready to fuck a hot black ass
Collin feeds his cock to Roderigo

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Rugged Australians Mate

Hot young Josh Harris and Rogan drinking beer
Rogan sniffs Josh's pits.

Nice Soft Tongue Over Hard Muscles

Josh sucks on Rogan's uncut dick.

Thanks to World Of Men for filling our inbox with more hot skin for us to drool over. We never get sick of seeing really hot men with great bodies and big ole dicks. We have see one big cock after another attached to a crazy hot body but if you look closely at each guy individually, you can see how their body composition is different and in some cases they have some of the best body art by very talented artists.

This time around you got Josh Harris and his buddy Rogan who by the way is from Australia and was discovered at the legendary West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey. He was offered a gig to shoot with the sickly handsome Josh who we want to have tied up in our bedroom for an entire weekend. His luscious bubble butt is so fuckin munchable it makes our mouths water! Check out the newbie and the pro go at it.

Rogan works the head of Josh's hard cock
Rogan massages Josh's hairy hole with his tongue.
Furry Josh Harris covered in Rogans hot load

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Latino Muscle Boyfriends Fuck In A Bar

Two muscle boys kiss in a dark sleazy bar
Hot muscle studs kissing passionately in a bar
Daniel Marvin worships Pedro Andreas' and his big hard cockDaniel Marvin sucks dick

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Pedro Andreas prepares to fuck Daniel Marvin with his big thick cock
Muscular Daniel Marvin sits on Pedro Andreas' dick and jacks his dickBodybuilder fucks himself by sitting on a buddy's cock
Daniel Marvin getting fucked bareback

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are two real life lovers from WorldOfMen.com. These guys are smoking hot, both have smooth muscular bodies that just scream sex, and they know what they’re doing! Daniel Marvin is the hunk in the harness, I love his intense stare, it just sort of screams “fuck me, fuck you, and you know what, I’m gonna fuck anything I want, so there” . The harness he’s wearing really lends to Daniels sex appeal, it’s so primal and hot. Pedro on the other hand has a more wholesome look, but you know deep down he’s a sex fiend with a cute face. These two are real life lovers, and the chemistry is fucking electric.

I love the bartender set up this scene has going on. I wish that I could just order up a hot fuck from my local shirtless god behind the bar, and Daniel is in that position! Pedro leans over the bar to give his boy some sugar, before he feeds him his hot cock. Daniel just looks like a pig in heaven while he sucks his boys cock till it’s ready to fill his hole. I love how passionate this fuck is, Daniel seems to be in control the whole way, he is just using his boys cock to get himself off, he’s a selfish bottom and a selfish top, gotta love a hot flip fuck pig. When Daniel get’s to using Pedro’s beautiful smooth fuck chute, you just know these sexy Latinos have one hell of a home life.

For more hot muscled sex head over to WorldOfMen.com, your cock will thank you.

Muscle boy Daniel Marvin fucking Pedro Andreas on top of a bar
Latin Muscle boys Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin

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