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Bodybuilder Cody Miller at Manifest Men

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While size matters for bodybuilders, it’s balance, symmetry and ripped muscle that draw the line between a wannabee bodybuilder and the real thing. Cody Miller at Manifest Men IS the real deal and gaining attention. An extremely handsome man, Cody has sensual, intense eyes, and all the dark features topped with an innate self-confidence that turns heads. His beautifully tanned skin is clear and perfect, heightening the aesthetic and erotic appeal of his gorgeous smooth muscle and hot look overall. A young bodybuilder in progress, really as most bodybuilders are, Cody Miller already has achieved a lot. The massive muscles in his huge back and his wide lats speak volumes. Cody’s big biceps pop out in his flexing as do the strong muscles in his defined pecs, ripped abs, thighs, and even his calf muscles! This consistent development, definition, and hot naked muscle perfection makes Cody Miller one of the more refined and sizzling hot young bodybuilders around.

Hot Latin Young Bodybuilder Bo Armstrong

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It only takes a look into his dark, intense eyes and glance at all of his hard male muscle to know that Bo Armstrong is one hot Latin bodybuilder. Muscle Hunks chooses their models wisely, and Bo is a fine example of a young bodybuilder who works hard to maintain his tight ripped abs and consummate male physique. No matter what pose takes, Bo’s washboard abs always show. So does the solid muscle in his triceps, back, chest and strong thick thighs. But there’s more to Bo Armstrong than being a young bodybuilder with impressive hard muscle definition.

If Latin men are spicy then it’s easy to see why Bo more than qualifies. The deep skin tone of his smooth muscle is rich and sensuous. A handsome young bodybuilder but quite a sophisticated look. Bo is all smooth muscle that perfectly enhances his tanned hot naked ripped body, right down to his shaved cock and balls. It’s sexy seeing his thick cock head show through his jock but even better when Bo pulls out his uncut hard cock. Bo Armstrong is a romantic and deliciously hot naked muscle hunk all around. His firm bubble butt shows even in three quarter frontal view, and when he turns, his round sweet Latin Ass is just too tempting!