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Sand, Sun & Abs

Alex Westfalen naked on a dune

This ripped stud is hotter than that desert!

Alex Westfalen naked in the sun

We have another stunning example of 0% body-fat  Manifest Men this week.

His name is Alex Westfallen, and he is offering up every inch of his beautiful ripped body for our close personal inspection. This slim body builder offers a brilliant example of just how good mature muscle can look. Can you blame him for showing of his hard flat pecs, his chiseled abs, smoking hot ass or that uncut cock that screams worship me ? Watching this guy strut his stuff in the desert heat made me wonder if coconut butter makes a good lube.

This stud’s close ups are so hot you can almost smell it at

Hot masculine musclar guy on a sand dune
Muscle man climbing up a sand dune

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Ultra Ripped Mature Stud Has Superhero Body

Huge bodybuilder Gil flexes in his underwear
Gil flexes his huge muscle assGil fondels his cock in his underwear
Huge bodybuilder Gil Dela Cruz in a towelGil shows off his smooth muscle ass in the shower

This time around Muscle Hunks presents a dude that is so ripped that I am left to wonder does this guy have ANY fat cells or water in his system at all? If you were to touch him, would you like chip a nail or if you bumped into him, would you like fall on your ass or knock yourself out? I wouldn’t mind that at all if this fucker quickly turned me over, pants me then fucked me “roid rage” style like I just cut him off in traffic!

Seeing Gil Dela Cruz pose and stroke his pretty nice dick will totally sprout a boner in your shorts. I’m liking what we’re seeing in this corner. You, yeah, you with the hard butt, ripplin abs and sticky drippin cock. You’re in VIP and its only you and me. Oh, yes, we have plenty booze and all you need is some spit. Muscle stroking is in order for you here with this hunk.

Huge ripped body builder Gil licks his bicep
Gil reaches into his pants

Gil is so massive I feel I am falling to him

Huge muscle stud Gil Dela Cruz Gil plays with his precum

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Smooth Muscle Stud Shows His Big Weapon

Huge beefy body builder Tyler saitn lifting up his shirtTyler's fat cock ready for action
Tyler Saint's massive cock hanging out of his camo'sTyler shows off his smooth bubble butt
Tyler Saint strokes his huge cock

Over in the Backroom at Hot House they’re heating things up all over our computer screens and PDAs with their LIVE action “its happening this second” presentations of some seriously hot fuckin! I have checked out a number of their live shoots and for the most part they are pretty hot, but its seems to be a lot tougher on the models. Think of it as if you’re watching a live TV show or a play. You never know what you’re gonna see!

We are happy to see that the uber sexy Tyler Saint in this little ditty. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he loves a good submissive bottom. HOT! we know one particular submissive bottom by the name of Mike Dreyden we would LOOOOVE to see this muscle boune fucker nail with that fat nine inch cock. Tyler also mentions that his number one ultimate fantasy includes a bunch of dudes lined up side by side with their mouths and holes open and ready to take rough and deep. SIGN ME UP! Check out Tyler here with me wontchya?

bodybuilder daddy poses with his gigantic weapon

He has no mercy, and you want him to shoot!

Huge hung muscle jock Tyler Saint Tyler's massive hard cock

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A Strong And Sexy Corporate Merger

Rick and Christian seduce Rob NelsonRob Nelson plays with Christian Alexander's beefy ass
Rob Nelson shows off Christains Alexander's smooth muscle assRob Nelson tongues a smooth beefy muscle ass

Nothing Like A Tasty Meal Of Muscle Ass!

Rick Bauer forces Rob Nelson's tongue deeper into Christian's smooth muscle ass

Welcome to Men At Play’s dirty little secret. The seduction of a sugar daddy by his would be boy. I think we all at one point or another wished we had a sugar daddy around to take care of us so we could finish our degree at university or cover the rent when times are tough and you’re short a few hundred bucks. When we fantasize about having a sugar daddy, its more like giving up my hole any time any where and living the good life.

In this latest from the studio who likes their fine italian tailored suites, we are treated to three of the hottest men in the business, Rick Bauer, Christian Alexander and Rob Nelson. Rick his long awaited return to Menatplay and tries to seduce his sugar daddy with present by way of the incredibly sexy and hung Rob Nelson. You will love watching Rob’s face while he fucks tight holes. You should totally get a membership today!

Rick Bauer fucking Robs ass while he makes out with ChristainChristain Alexander getting his smooth muscle ass plowed while sucking cock
Rob Nelson getting his ass fucked by Rick while pounding Christian's ass

That’s what I call a corporate merger!

Rob Nelson fucks Christain Alexander on the desk while Rick Bauer tongues his smooth hole
Rick strokes his uncut cock while Rob fucks Christan's ass

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Fur, Testosterone And Sex In The Ring

Furry muscle jock Ross Hurston with a hard dick in his shorts
Ross and Marco fool around in the boxing ring after sparring

DAMN, I feel like boxing now!

Tattooed m,uscle hun Ross getting his hard cock sucked

Its fight night for the dirty minded team over at AlphaMaleFuckers! In opposing corners, muscle hunks Marco DeBrute and Ross Hurston come out fighting for the title of sexiest fucker. Veterans in the industry in their own right here they are perfectly and smartly matched up in this blow job by blow job fuck scene. Its just practice really. The sparring heats up not only their body temperature, but the blood in their loins including Ross’ hole.

Marco’s ‘trainer’ to Ross’ ‘contender’ is cock stiffening. Marco devours ass like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. Licking and spitting and playing with Ross’ pink fuzzy hole is mouth watering. Ross feeds his own cock to his trainer in return appearing to really enjoy the warmth of Marco’s throat. Quickly moving to his back and having his legs hoisted, Ross takes every inch of his trainer’s fat dick like the pro he is! wants you to get up close and personal here!

Ross Hurston getting his tight bublle ass eaten
Furry jock Ross Hurston takes bare dick in in the boxing ring

Somebody needs to clean that mess NOW!

Ripped jock Ross Hurston with a load coating his chest

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