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Bodybuilders Wrestle And Jerk Off Together

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Where is it written that if you are a Muscle Hunk, “meat heat”, “iron pusher”, “sweat beast”, you should adorn a florescent colored thong that will undoubtedly leave you with that god aweful tan line that makes us all cringe and say “Dude… really”? I can’t help but wonder why these garments outside of being the standard in gogo boy gear, continues to be shown in porn. I mean, its 2011, not 1977. If I had one wish, I would wish for costume and production people to NEVER dress a hot man in a thong again.

Ok, rant over. Let us now turn to the hot mess that is these two strapping specimens. The wrestling which looks a lot more like a frolic will fulfill everything that fantasy for those of us that are turned on by watching it. Fans of UFC fighting will find their cocks boned up watching these studs on the mat. The only missing element… they don’t fuck each other.  MI’d log on just to watch them and their insanely hot bodies!

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A Sissy Puts Up A Good Fight

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Fuck has some amazingly hot guys duking it out, then fucking it in! The top Sebastian Bronco is smoking hot, chiseled body, ripped abs, smooth skin, he’s the kinda guy that I would personally love to have throwing me down in a wrestling ring, showing me who’s boss then ramming my home. He has a cocky air to him, which seems well deserved with that kind of physique and he has no qualms about using his muscle to get what he wants out of a boy. Gabe Russell is the lucky bottom boy, who tries to stand up to top stud Sebastian, and ends up getting his sissy ass put to good use, I bet this is a match he won’t forget.

The scene kicks off with Sebastian and Gabe wrestling, and Gabe is trying to call the shots, BAD IDEA! Sebastian let’s him fool around for a little bit before he takes him down to the mat and shows him how a real man get’s down. Watching Sebastian take control of Gabe’s body is pure bliss, it’s complete primal lust, and Sebastian is one fine alpha male. Gabe as a punishment for standing up Sebastian’s manly prowess get’s his ass tagged, “FUCKED” and gets dressed up like the pretty boy he is. I love it! has got TONS more of this kinda action, check it out!

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Hot Muscle Wrestling – New Faces at Naked Kombat

Wrestling Hunks at Naked Kombat

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The number of hunks ready for some hot muscle wrestling action is always growing at Naked Kombat, with newcomers Troy Daniels and Derek Reynolds. Troy’s extremely defined pumped hot black muscle is gorgeous. Derek is tall, light-skinned, slender and buff with strong defined pecs. It’s particularly erotic to watch the two men wrestling as black muscular arms and legs wrap around a fair skinned hot male chest, groin, ass, and you name it. Literally everything here is up for grabs, as they say! The naked oil wrestling makes all of the hot muscle and color contrast stand out more. The reflective highlights of oiled up bodies pop out every bulge of male muscle. It’s also at this stage when the two rivals are in their most intense struggles knotted up and sprawled across the floor.

While the muscle wrestling is serious at Naked Kombat as a rule, so is the growing sexual excitement between Troy Daniels and Derek Reynolds. Troy even gets a chance to pin down Derek while forcing his uncut cock in Derek’s face. However, Derek is pronounced the winner, and as the game is played, the winner gets his turn having his way. Bringing Troy to his knees, Derek stuffs his hard black cock down Troy’s throat until he’s gagging. After some heavy cock sucking, Troy then gets a hard fuck he loves on his knees and back until he’s begging for permission to cum.

Samuel Colt vs Tyler Saint At Naked Kombat

Samuel Colt vs Tyler Saint at Naked Kombat

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Samuel Colt vs Tyler Saint at Naked Kombat

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Strong muscle men Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint are perfectly matched wrestlers at Naked Kombat. These two bodybuilders are solid, and you can even hear the echoing thump when two naked wrestling muscle hunks flip each other over and fall flat on the mat. There's plenty of brute force put into every grab, tug, push and tumble to overpower each other. This makes for some intense struggles not only heard in their shouts and groans but seen on their faces and flexed muscles, as every possible movement and body part, literally from head to toe, is utilized to control the opponent.

Of course, naked muscle wrestling has it's advantages. As the match progresses, it's fair game at Naked Kombat to clench the opponent's hard cock and balls, slap his firm muscle ass, or wedge a hand deep inside his ass crack like Samuel Colt does to Tyler Saint. Or swipe a big hard cock like Tyler's flopping across the face of pinned down Samuel Colt.

In the final round as is the tradition at Naked Kombat, the winner is granted his sexual domination over the loser. Samuel Colt gets face fucked and forced down on Tyler's hard dick, fighting for air and choking. Then a spanking for good measure. Colt is made to eat out Tyler Saint with a deep ass rimming, but not for nothing. After all, Tyler doesn't want to miss out on a hot muscle hunk's cock, either. So the two naked wrestling hunks seal the match with some hardcore fucking that leaves Tyler Saint pounding Colt's thick cock far up his ass. Quite a good deal for both, and it's just as hot watching them finish up by shooting their loads.

Patrick Rouge vs Tyler Saint At Naked Kombat

Patrick Rouge vs Tyler Saint at Naked Kombat

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Naked oil wrestling hunks Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint dual it out at Naked Kombat, the premier and hottest muscle wrestling site on the web. Patrick Rouge vs Tyler Saint is the epitome of a unique combination of serious wrestling and intensely hot sexual play that has become known as the hallmark of Naked Kombat. Even the audience is cheering along with each hold and tumble as the two muscle men flip and fly across the mat in this highly animated match. First round begins in spandex shorts, then in jocks for the second round. But even those are literally torn off of each other, leaving the pair naked with hard cocks and oil wrestling in the third round. While still fighting with all their strength to pin each other down, Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint entwine, grab cock and balls, and finally one emerges triumphant. The fourth and final round is time for the winner to have his way, and their cocksucking and hardcore fucking is just as passionate as their wrestling. Incredible!