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What starts with Alexsander Frietas showing off his ripped abs to his adoring stable boy Andre Barclay leads into a passionate suck and fuck duo in Scene 1 of The Tales of the Arabian Nights at Rear Stable. Lured by Alex’s dark good looks and nasty full sleeve tattoo, Andre is in awe of his mentor’s super hard muscle definition and gorgeous thick cock. The two tatttoed muscle men go from romantic kissing to Andre dropping down on his knees to worship Alexander’s mouthwatering big thick cock. The two muscle hunks fuck just as intensely with Alex ramming his thick cock into Andre’s hungry ass in three different positions. This hot suck and fuck scene is an erotic mix of fantasy and hot male muscle showing Alexsander Frietas is everything you’d want in a top.

Big Muscle Jock Conor McNulty

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Conor McNulty is one very cute stud with a damn packed solid muscular body. It always amazes me how guys in their twenties can have this much lean solid, big muscle, not to mention how Muscle Hunks finds so much hot male muscle in the first place. Jocks like Conor McNulty drive me crazy. His sharply defined, bulging pecs, lats, chest and quads are hard to miss. Conor’s bodybuilder physique is greatly enhanced by his natural broad chest and shoulders, the envy of many muscle men. As they say, it’s either in your genes or it isn’t. His deltoids blast out of his shoulders, and his wide, perfectly shaped chest also has a clear mid separation. Makes you want to just collapse on his massive upper body. Nice big nips, too. This adorable jock is just asking to licked like a muscle lollipop. Speaking of suckers, can’t ignore his hot naked shaved cock, and a hard cock at that, pointing right out in our direction. I think sexy muscle jock Conor is telling us something.

Smooth Russian Muscle Hunk

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Russian muscle hunk Jasper Van Dean’s defined muscular physique combined with his flexibility is unmistakably beautiful. It’s no wonder he currently works as a dancer mesmorizing Las Vegas audiences with his hot male muscle. This 29 year old nearly six feet tall 215 pound muscle hunk featured at Mark Wolff has an aesthetic appeal so easy on the eyes. Plus check out his uncut smooth thick cock!

Hot Naked Muscle represents all types of muscle men, and being the guy deciding who makes the posts, I obviously love them all. However, smooth muscle hunks suit me the most. It’s incredibly sexy how Jasper Van Dean knows just how far down to fold his undies and tease us with his hard abs and hairless groin, and hint at his thick shaved cock. Then when when it’s all off, he shows his uncut Russian cock and smooth round balls. Yeah, this man has one big shaved cock and he knows exactly what to do with it.

Hot Black Muscle Cum

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Sexy Angel Rock has all the right moves on seduction. He certainly earns his name with that charming and almost innocent face, until he turns with a penetrating gaze that could knock anyone down. Yeah, oh so heavenly devilish.

Then there’s his outstanding hot black male physique that bodybuilders have to envy about this muscle hunk at Finest Black Men. Black bodybuilders like Angel often gather a dedicated following of fans seriously into black muscle worship, which isn’t surprising. While most bodybuilders work on a deep tan or use coloring, nothing matches natural hot black muscle of black bodybuilders. It’s obvious Angel Rock works out hard and intelligently to sculpt such a well balanced musculature, as his thighs flare out as much as his upper body. His strong arms and gorgeous veins show he’s all lean hard muscle not to mention his scrumptious firm hot black ass.

Take a good look at his eyes and how intensely sexual they are, how they’re still rolled back even after his hot, thick, creamy load of black cum was shot. Maybe he’s ready for another round? Ah, you’ve read of too many models who supposedly have “thick, creamy” muscle cum and don’t? Angel Rock’s measurably thick hot black cum is for you. It’s real.

Hairy Hunk Zeb Atlas

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With his handsome good looks and massive upper body, famous Zeb Atlas has established himself among muscle men as one of the top bodybuilders craved by muscle worshippers. His extensive work with Manifest Men shows he’s a gorgeous hairy hunk as much as a traditional smooth bodybuilder. Zeb’s massive arms and shoulders practically burst out of his furry torso that traces across those super ripped abs right down to his large hairy cock and balls. And who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in his thick hairy arms and legs? Or lick those hairy pits and huge biceps! All proof that Zeb is one hot hairy hunk of a man. What makes Zeb Atlas so popular is that he’s got a lot going for him besides his hot male muscle. His friendly face and big hard cock top off this devastatingly masculine and feverishly hot and sexy hairy hunk superstar.

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